Copium 2022 (May) Check Authentic Details!

Copium 2022

People who are avid Twitch and Reddit users would have seen that Copium spammed many comment sections. The internet is a strange place, but the jargon you’ll find here is even stranger. Every day you will see a new word and Copium is undoubtedly one of them. If you are also confused about what copium means, don’t worry. Let’s see what copium means and how it came about.

Explanation of the meaning of Copium – 2022

Copium is a combination of two words “cope” and “opium”. This explains why copium means to deal with a drug. While this is the basic meaning of the Internet, it is used to deal with a loss with a fictional drug. The word is used to make fun of sports and political fans when the team or party they support loses or loses and now they go copium (dealing with a fictional drug). You can also find Copium in Urbandictionary. The meaning there is a bit twisted, but it’s similar to what we mentioned above.

The word is mostly used with Pepe the Frog memes. Inhale something from a cylinder that says “Copium.” Pepe the frog also wears a hat in the meme. The color of the hat keeps changing depending on who he’s supposed to be trolling. For example, if a sports team has lost, the cap will have the team logo representing the players on the team using Copium.

Where does the copy come from?

Copium got ahead of the 2020 elections several times when it picked up steam again. At first it seemed that Trump was going to win, but when Biden took the lead, a meme began to circulate on the Internet. Pepe the Frog in a Make America Great Again hat inhaling copycat went viral. This is where Copium originated and is now used in various Twitch stream chats and Reddit comment sections.

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