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Seth Jackson, now 15, shot and killed four people, including his ex-girlfriend Amber Wright, so the cause of death is not limited to natural causes or disease.

Death of Amber Wright Seth Jackson.

After watching an ITV documentary starring Piers Morgan with an IMDB rating of 7.7, he called Amber Wright to ask her about her life and what inspired Jackson.
Amber Wright helped murder 15-year-old Seth Jackson. They had a good relationship but then they started arguing and ended up breaking up. Amber is dating Michael Fargo.
Marco is charged with the murder of Cesi Jackson. Three of the four defendants in the case were sentenced to life in prison, while Margot was sentenced to death.

What are the results ?

Amber Wright was implicated in the 2011 murder of Seth Jackson. Amber Wright, Seth Jackson, 15. Judge Anthony Tate later said he had never seen or heard of the brutal crime and had no explanation for it.

Author: Amber Wright

Amber Wright is a real name.
Last name unknown.
Arrests are still ongoing.
27 years old
Date of birth: March 29
He is known to stand on the bench.
Florida house.

How did he kill Chetty?

Holland went to the farm where he was beaten and shot. After his death, his body was cremated without a trace.
The next day, authorities found Kersey’s body in an abandoned paint bucket. Amber and Michael broke up a few days ago and Michael is under suspicion because he started dating. The “Social Links” section also contains a link to Reddit.

Did Amber Wright make Jackson’s decision?

The court declared it to be first degree murder and everyone was arrested. In 2012, Amber was the youngest member of the group, but her mother, Sonia Jackson, said that Amber should not be punished like everyone else because she is growing up and can be influenced by others.
Fargo was shot. Amber, who was 19 when she died, said she never recovered and felt increasingly guilty over the years.

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