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1Millionpuzzle Com Review {June 2022} Checkout Legitimacy of Portal!

1Millionpuzzle Com Review

We present an exclusive article on 1millionpuzzle com review. Read this article to find out the truth about 1millionpuzzle.com, prices and more.

Want to make $ 100,000 in the US? Want to buy an enigma that everyone can win? How do you give this puzzle to your friends and family in the new year?

1millionpuzzle.com is a site that sells puzzles with 5 to 10 difficulty levels and allows everyone to win and sends an email to the winners. Read this article in 1millionpuzzle com Review for more information.

A brief note from 1millionpuzzle.com:

1millionpuzzle.com is a unique e-commerce site based in the United States. allows residents to do this by solving puzzles to win cash prizes. Customers aged 18 and over can buy the puzzle.

MSCHF, a well-known luxury street art, art and social commentator collective, has launched 1millionpuzzle.com.

Features at 1millionpuzzle.com:

Buy puzzles at https://1millionpuzzle.com.
Social media links: There are no social media links at 1millionpuzzle.com.
Puzzles cost $ 30.00.
Physical address: 1M Puzzle L.L.C., 62 Bayard Street, Brooklyn, NY-11222. Do I have to confirm that 1millionpuzzle com is legal?
Terms: The terms are in the Rules section.

Customer Comments and Blogs: 1millionpuzzle.com does not endorse blogs or comments on its site.

Privacy Notice: The command is specific but copied from 100kpuzzle.shop.
Phone number: 1millionpuzzle.com did not comment on the contact number.
Store Finder: 1millionpuzzle.com is only available online.
Delivery: Delivery time is not specified.
Shipping: 1millionpuzzle.com will ship the puzzle within 1-3 days.
Continuation: No information provided.
Answer: 1millionpuzzle.com does not allow answering and exchanging puzzles.
Refunds: Refunds will not be processed.
Email: 1millionpuzzle com You can take a look at support@1millionpuzzle.com.
Payment methods: There are no payment methods. 1millionpuzzle.com accepts donations in USD.

Ownership Information: MSCHF Group owns 1millionpuzzle.com. No information was provided about the individual owner.

Notes: 1millionpuzzle.com does not support notifications.

Benefits of 1millionpuzzle.com:

Simple user interface and navigation at 1millionpuzzle.com
You will find 551 111 puzzles with QR code and everyone can win.
One winner will receive a $ 100,000 first prize, the next 10 winners will receive $ 10,000, the next 100 winners will receive $ 1,000, the other 1,000 will receive $ 100, and the final 550,000 winners will receive 0, 25 cents.

Disadvantages of 1millionpuzzle.com

1millionpuzzle com Found legal review 1millionpuzzle.com does not reimburse (or is responsible for) the loss of puzzles,
Winners must submit a statement of responsibility and eligibility (otherwise the prize will be lost within 7 days of receiving the prize).
No returns, exchanges (or refunds) are made by 1millionpuzzle.com.

Is 1millionpuzzle.com good?

1millionpuzzle.com Created on February 2, 2021 at 19:34:52
1millionpuzzle.com expires: Life expectancy is low because it ends on February 2, 2021 at. 19:34:52.
1millionpuzzle.com Age: This website is 10 months and 25 days old.
Confidence Index: 1millionpuzzle.com has a fantastic trust rating of 3%.
1millionpuzzle com Alexa Rank Summary: 1millionpuzzle.com achieved an Alexa ranking of 582,030.
Country of origin: 1millionpuzzle.com is from Iceland.
Blacklist status: 1millionpuzzle.com is not currently on the blacklist.
Proximity to questionable sites: 1millionpuzzle.com has a questionable score of 36/100.
Phishing Score: 1millionpuzzle.com has a poor 29/100 score.
Threat Profile: 1millionpuzzle.com gets bad 33/100.
Spam score: 1millionpuzzle.com gets bad 33/100.
Malware rating: 1millionpuzzle.com 11/100
Connection security: 1millionpuzzle.com sends and receives data via HTTPS.
Contact person: No specific contact information is provided at 1millionpuzzle.com.
Social links: 1millionpuzzle.com is not on social media.
Owner Contact Information: Owner contact information is not provided at 1millionpuzzle.com.

Customer rating 1millionpuzzle com:

There are 625 reviews available on shopping sites that give 3.8 / 5 star ratings. On top of that, mixed responses have been found on various rating sites, YouTube, social media and the internet showing that the riddle is easy to solve, but the amount you earn depends on your luck.

Most of the negative comments point to a common problem with part of the puzzle that is missing in practice, and Q.R. the code is not scanned. Since the pay channel is not pre-listed on 1millionpuzzle.com, read w.e.g. the PayPal scam information.

Conclusion on 1millionpuzzle.com:

1millionpuzzle.com is potentially a legitimate website and answer Ass 1millionpuzzle com This is legal because many customers took the puzzle, put the puzzle pieces together and scanned them for a price. However, 1millionpuzzle.com has a bad reputation due to a low trust score, high threat profile, last launch and run in February 2022. Therefore, we suggest that you read credit card fraud information before you buy.

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