8.3 Cummins Dimensions – Cylinders

8.3 Cummins Dimensions

6 diesel cylinders

The first amazing engine has a 6-cylinder diesel engine, that is, 6 cylinders are arranged in a row instead of a pattern.
The 500-cubic-inch engine with a displacement of less than 8 liters produces 310 horsepower and 950 lb-ft of torque.
Turbocharger and intercooler
The engine is equipped with a turbocharger and an intercooler. The turbocharger pumps air into the engine, cooling it before it enters the cylinder cooler.


Consider the size of the engine, length 28 cm, width 25 cm and height 31 cm.
The engine weighs 1,450 kilograms. Easy to pack and transport.
These dimensions are important to consider as they determine how well the engine will fit in your car.
If you have a small car. Due to lack of space, I have to choose another engine. But if you have a large car or truck, the Cummins engine is a good fit.
Another thing to remember is that the engine must run smoothly.

load control

This engine also has different emission control options. It has an exhaust system and a particulate filter. The aim of this program is to reduce the pollution produced by engines. The engine’s emission control system meets strict emission standards. but a little dirty
fuel supply system

The engine uses a high pressure oil system. This system injects fuel directly into the cylinder at very high pressure. The result is improved combustion and increased engine power.
The fuel system consists of a fuel filter and a water separator. These things help keep the oil clean and free from contamination.

petroleum resources

Oil efficiency is important because it determines how often you change the oil. However, if you have a large car or truck, you may want to avoid frequent oil changes. The oil should be changed regularly and follow the recommended oil.

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