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Zwdcd Reviews (May-2022) Is This Site Legit or Fake?

Zwdcd Reviews

Have you tailored the latest customer reviews on Zwdcd.com? If you are looking for real Zwdcd reviews, please go through the article.

Do you want trees to add a natural feel to your home? We submit the details of Zwdcd.com in this post disputed by several buyers from United States. Mother Nature is known to protect us from various harmful particles. The most common example is the trees that bring us relief.

But Zwdcd.com, which auctions trees, has been making headlines lately. That is why we prefer to review our post dedicated to getting acquainted through authentic Zwdcd reviews.

Declaration of the portal

Zwdcd.com, the online tree sales store, listed various types of trees, including table trees, potted trees, outdoor trees, etc. In addition, further research on the portal revealed that there are Christmas decoration items, such as Christmas wreaths, artificial snowmen, Christmas lanterns, etc.

Looking at the site, buyers may prefer this site to purchase items during the holiday season. Additionally, we found that they are committed to providing warm customer service. But as we investigate we uncovered numerous details on the site, so it would be to your advantage to check the underlying indicators to find more clues.

Explain the recommended specifications to look out for. Is Zwdcd legit?
07/19/2017 was the date of registration of this website, which means it is 4 years, 10 months and 8 days old.
https://zwdcd.com/ is the declared URL for this shop.

The available payment methods are credit cards, PayPal, etc.

The portal auctions various trees and Christmas decorations.
Purchased items are usually shipped within 5 days.
We have noticed that this website has items being auctioned by Balsam Hill at 50 Woodside Plaza, Suite 111, Redwood City, CA 94061, USA
Phone number suggestions are not available on the site.
Once delivered, you must contact them within 48 hours to return the item.
Our Zwdcd Reviews investigation detected the presence of a newsletter.
The survey showed that they require between 7 and 15 days for the shipment to arrive.
The office hours are Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Two email addresses are provided, namely service@ratotel.com and Customerservice@awetany.com.

After you request a refund, the customer support team will resolve your request within 24 hours.
We examined that social media icons are presented within the portal.
Our survey revealed no monetary policy threads.

Proven Benefits

Address data is evaluated.
Social connection icons are indicated.
All items are marked with deep discounts.
The Zwdcd Reviews survey found two email addresses.
We noticed a single comment on Facebook that referred to Zwdcd.com.

Monitored Cons

The phone number is missing.
The icon links take us back to the website.
The presence of two email addresses raises doubts.
Our analysis revealed that the URL name, company name, and email addresses are different.

Is zwdcd corrupted?

Date of blocking the domain: The blocking date of the portal is 07/19/2022.
Confidence Score: Maintains a low 27%.
Legitimacy of Address: The address listed is the postal address of Balsamhill.com, a popular Christmas tree auction portal.
Reality of the Grant: The refunds seem unreliable and suspicious, and it’s doubtful that Zwdcd is legit.

Plagiarism: The content provided on the site is largely copied.

Confidence Interval: We get a value of 47.6/100 after looking for the Confidence Interval.
Domain age: The portal is 4 years, 10 months and 8 days old; since he signed up on 07/19/2017.
Connections to social networks: The links provided in the online store are fake.
Alexa Rank: We collected a score of 5105365.
User views: No Trustpilot ratings are displayed for the website, but a negative comment is noted on Facebook.
Owner Identity: Strings associated with the founder’s name are missing from the site.

Feedback from past buyers

Our review did not reveal any actual reviews of Zwdcd on Trustpilot, but we did find a comment on Facebook from a user asking Balsam Hill about the site. In return, however, Balsam Hill’s board of directors pointed out that it was a fraudulent website.

Also, we have many errors in kr

The Final Result

This post describes a tree sales portal that was created four years ago but does not contain any real reviews or comments. Therefore, after researching Zwdcd Reviews, we found the site to be questionable due to low scores. Here you will find tips for avoiding PayPal disadvantages. Discover more ropes around the trees here.

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