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Zalerw Shop Reviews (May-2022) Is This A Legitimate Website?

Zalerw Shop Reviews

Read Zalerw Store Reviews to learn more about a shopping website that offers a wide range of housewares and gadgets.

Are you looking for products that are versatile and versatile? Do you spend your weekends doing DIY projects? Are you looking for tools to make DIY projects easier? Do you love to cook and party? Would you like to cook with electrical appliances? Do you love exciting toys for your children?

Zalerw.shop in the United States has it all! Let’s check Zalerw Shop Reviews for authenticity.


There are more than 1546 products listed on Zalerw.shop. All products are offered at low prices compared to their MRP and listing on other shopping sites.

Zalerw.shop did not mention its mission statement, suggesting that it has low customer focus and indicating the urgency of fulfilling orders. The physical address given is for a single family home and the address was found on various fake websites.

Zalerw.shop is a replica of www.Vardon.shop and has copied ALL the content! This single act answered Is Zalerw Shop Legit?

Zalerw.shop is a new electronic store that sells:

children toys,
household utilities and tools,
repair kits and organizers,
exercise equipment,
pet utilities,
Computer accessories,
cleaning and kitchen utensils and liquids,
electric vehicles,
rocking machines,
Musical gimmicks, etc.


Buy household services at: https://www.zalerw.shop/.

Price: Between $25.59 and $98.99.
Physical Address: 2834 N Harper Terrace, Peoria, IL-61604, USA
Zalerw Store Locator: not marked.
Email address: support@Zalerw.shop.
Zalerw phone number (or) WhatsApp: not included.
Links to social networks: not included in Zalerw.
Customer reviews and blogs: Blogs are not supported in Zalerw, but customer reviews are available.
General terms and conditions of the Zalerw shop Ratings: available, but plagiarism.
Zalerw Privacy Policy: Existing, but plagiarized.
Terms of delivery: Zalerw delivers domestic services within fourteen days.
Shipping Policy: Domestic services ship within four days.

Tracking: Zalerw updates carrier tracking number in user accounts.
Cancellation conditions: no-show in Zalerw.
Restocking Fee: Not charged by Zalerw.
Return Policy: Zalerw accepts 30-day returns. Return labels can be requested by contacting support@Zalerw.shop. Some Zalerw items cannot be returned.
Refund policy: not available in Zalerw.
Help and Frequently Asked Questions: see the Contact Us section.
Newsletter: supported by Zalerw.

Determined professionals at Zalerw Shop reviews:

Zalerw offers all products at reasonable prices

Zalerw presented the widest range of products
Zalerw has a user-friendly interface with search, filter and sort options
A detailed product description/specification and pictures are included in Zalerw
Zalerw offers free shipping for orders over $50


Unrealistic discounts for expensive items

Poor logic of Zalerw.shop and inventory control allowing to order an infinite quantity
Important contact numbers and guidelines related to orders on Zalerw.shop were not included

The physical address given shows the residential area and houses and is therefore incorrect

Zalerw submitted stolen content from various websites

Is Zalerw Shop serious?

Zalerw creation: April 18, 2022 at 1:31:41.

Zalerw Age: one month and eight days.
Zalerw Last update: May 16, 2022 at 3:38:58 am.
Zalerw Expiry: April 18, 2023 at 1:31:41.
Zalerw Lifetime: Expires in ten months and twenty-two days.
Trust index: Zalerw has a trust score of 1%.
Business Rating: Zalerw has a business rating of 14.1%.
Place of Origin: The CoO of Zalerw is USA.
Blacklist Status: Zalerw is not blacklisted.
SSL Status: Your IP has an SSL certificate valid for 89 days.
Threat profile: 75%.
Proximity to suspicious websites: 25%.
Zalerw Shop phishing ratings: 74%.
Malware score: 75%.
Spam Score: 38%.
Zalerw contact person: not specified.
Connection security: Zalerw uses the HTTPS protocol.
Social Relations: Zalerw is not present on social platforms.
Contact and Owner Identity: Zalerw used internet censorship services to hide the details.
Payment Method: in US Dollars via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover.

Customer Reviews:

A YouTube review and over thirty Zalerw.shop reviews on trusted review sites concluded that it might be a scam. Zalerw has zero Alexa ranking. Product reviews on Zalerw.shop have not yet been rated.

No social media reviews were found for Zalerw.shop. Therefore, educate yourself about credit card fraud to avoid fraud.


Zalerw Shop reviews conclude that Zalerw.shop is NOT legit. Zalerw.shop has terrible trust score, Alexa and store score, score for spam, malware, phishing, threat and suspicion profiles. Therefore, Zalerw.shop has high security risks for your device, payment and personal information. Zalerw.shop has a short life expectancy. We suggest not to make any transactions on Zalerw.shop due to the lack of customer feedback and delivery confirmation. Zalerw.shop encourages/prefers PayPal payments. Find out more about PayPal fraud now.

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