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The phrase “write to us” is popular when publishing news and digital articles, used by many media outlets around the world.
It’s a way to share your passion with a global audience. Want to hear from a global audience? Write We provide a forum for writers to ask for their opinions in the community. Register for free to join the program and tell your friends about it.
Respecting Eastern Herald Editors/Writers license is a simple step. Get people from all over the world to join me by subscribing to my digital newsletter.


I would appreciate it if you could write a guest article and submit it to the Eastern Herald for publication. Thanks for your explanation. Before you submit your story for review, here are some helpful tips to increase your chances of getting your story approved.
It is very important.

We reserve the right to use the following content.

A divided society.
• Persecution of different religions.
Diversity weakens the structure.
• Abuse of democracy.
An attack on minority rights.
• Violation of freedom of speech/thought.
• Evidence of personal violence.
anger spread.
• Or other.

Principle 1: Effective storytelling.

Our main goal is to provide informative, practical, effective and useful information to our readers. Become an expert. It helps if you know what your talking about. Read the text and delete it. If you see a student working on an area, write down your solution. Stories of students solving big problems here.

Rule 1: Special provisions.

Creativity and individualism. Create new and unique content. The content must not be new or unusual, and the topic must be easy for users to understand. I hope you will be exposed to everything new: different learning styles, approaches, new materials. What are you doing now?
Be creative and try something new. Needless to say, this is one hell of a blog. So you have to be creative. But think about it. Think differently.
Creativity Come up with ideas and concepts not found on other blogs (or not widely published). Speak something new, speak in a new voice you’ve never heard before. Pay attention to what others are doing and not doing. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write about general topics that don’t require a lot of stress.

I will explain to you the main ingredients. Be original and different. Find out what I didn’t explain. If you want, you can also take it the other way around. Got a new idea? Interest in your message grows.
Interesting point. we want to be fun Improve your articles in a meaningful way. Tell a story, use a good metaphor, write whatever comes to mind.

Backlinks: Don’t Link articles to your site. If you have a very important article, please provide a link to it. Otherwise, messages that contain unnecessary links to the site will not be allowed.

Principle 2: Related goods.

We offer creative writing, descriptive writing, content writing, engaging writing (“I call it magnetic writing”), creative fiction, complex writing (grammar, spelling, punctuation), essay writing tips, online articles, and more. And the scope is… randomized trials. We refuse based on the above. Write anything and write often.

Rule 2: A well-written essay.

At Eastern Herald, we focus on quality articles that provide affordable and practical solutions to our readers’ problems. Our students expect success from us.
Vostochny Vestnik offers readers information about different genres of literature. Therefore, the book should be well written and should include good language, grammar, punctuation, clarity, style and tone. Run the spell check item to make sure there are no errors. In this case, however, the typo must be corrected manually. Start checking your grammar. Don’t rely on automation.

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