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why am i writing

If you contact us by email, you will enjoy the following benefits.
Our site has a high domain authority, which helps to improve site traffic and reputation.
Our site has a lot of organic traffic and is growing fast. More people will see your article, which will lead to more traffic and more audience.
Articles generate traffic and authority when the site is published.
I am glad to know that I have helped others by sharing my experience.

Enter my lifestyle:

Here is what you should use when submitting an article:

1. Truth
All items must be 100% original and unique. This means no plagiarism, content laundering or account corruption. Use CopyScope to inspect copied content.

2. the number of words
Essays must be at least 800 words. However, longer articles (2000-2500 words) are better and look better.

3. Content
Your content should aim to help people live better on our site. can be one of the following:

• Health
• exercise.
• fashion
• beauty
Talk about traveling.
• Images.
spiritual lifestyle
• restaurant
• purchases
• The game has limits.
• secceca

Way of living

• Healthy lifestyle: yoga, walking, fishing…
• communication
• international affairs
If you are not sure whether your item meets the requirements, please provide a brief description. We will contact you.

4. Anthony
All articles should be written in a friendly, encouraging and positive manner.

5. Language
All essays must be well written and free of grammatical and spelling errors. Only articles written in English will be accepted.

6. Communication
Text formatting in titles and short articles (3-4 sentences per article) with H2/H3 tags. This makes it easier for readers to navigate your article.

7. About babies
Images (over 800 pixels) Custom images needed If you have a suitable image (over 800 pixels) that you would like to include in your article, please send it to me.

who will write for us?

We are happy to work with SEO agencies, brands and personal bloggers. You can be an expert in your field or passionate about what you want to write.
If there is anything we can do to help our readers, we’d love to hear from you.

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