Wiki Battle Of Techno House {August} Know Why Its Viral?

Wiki Battle Of Techno House

Want to know more about pictures of Russian soldiers trying to get into a store door? If so, read this article which provides all the information about this particular topic.

Social media users around the world are discussing scattered clips of unidentified Russian soldiers attempting to break into stores in Ukraine. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is one of the hottest topics and the video gets millions of views in a short period of time. Read the Techno House Wars Wiki.

Another techno house battle

Several recent videos of Russian soldiers firing at the doors of shops have been posted on various media sites. The video went viral after YWN reporter Moshe Schwartz tweeted a video titled “Against Russian Soldiers.” enter”

Tweet “Russian military disagrees. Door” became a hit and was viewed by more than 1.9 million people. Moreover, it received more than 40,000 comments, 103,000 retweets and 2,297 tweet captions in one day. These tweets became popular on various social platforms. .Learn all about Techno.Civil War in Ukraine.

The story behind Viral War Twitter Techno House

Yeshiva World News reporter Moshe Schwartz shared and published the tweet on the video on March 2, 2022.
The location of the video was Kherson, Ukraine.
This video was taken on an iPhone by someone living in the building opposite Techno House. Techno House where the incident took place.
The video is 64 seconds long.
Moshe Schwartz later tweeted the exact address of his techno house.
The identity of the person who recorded the video has not been released.

Techno House War’s Wiki

The video shows a series of attempts by the Russian military to break down the doors of Techno House. The house of techno.
Soldiers can shoot the door handle multiple times. If the attempt fails, it tries to break the package, which also fails.
After trying the weapon and the arm several times, he leaves the place disappointed and disheartened.
Someone created a Wikipedia page about the video, but it has since been taken down.
The Wikipedia article mentions an amusing skirmish between a ranger and a Russian soldier.

The way people react

Shared by various funny memes and trolls, it was a wiki-techno house battle.
Many people commented on various media forums how the soldiers won the gate.
The strength of the gate to withstand artillery fire was praised.
Many interesting videos are assigned to different background areas.


It is a well-known fact that there is constant discussion and debate on the Internet about Russian actions related to the invasion of Ukrainian soil. Videos of Russian successes and setbacks are widely shared on social media.

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