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Wianni Reviews {September} Is It An Authentic Site?

Wianni Reviews

This article provides information about the Vianni reviews and opens up the site so that readers can understand its reliability.

Looking for accessories for your devices like laptops and smartphones? Looking for a place that offers this supplement at an affordable price? The best thing about the internet is that it is a great place to be in the United States. Or search for something about your home in other countries.

However, online shopping sites face problems if they do not treat customers well. In this article, we provide information about Vianney’s conversations and inform readers about the site.

What is Wianni.com?

If you open the official website of Vianni.com, you will find some catalogs and pictures that do not reveal much about how the site works. Vianni.com offers accessories for various applications such as mobile phones, laptops and car accessories.

You can find products in every category, but don’t despair because the products are limited. I checked the site and found that the site was recently built and still no traffic.

Therefore, to know whether Vianni is legitimate or not, you must carefully study the website and check the latest information. Due to restrictions on the website’s design and content, users question its legitimacy.

In addition, the structure and information of the site are questionable and users do not want to leave everything unexpected. That’s why we have some tests for users to familiarize themselves with the site.

Information from Wianni.com

The registered URL is https://www.wianni.com/.
Customer service via service@goodidealshop.com.
Business Address – Latimer Limited, 1st Floor, 81-83 Grivas Digenis Avenue, Nicosia, 1090, Cyprus.

Vianney Reviews – Reviews that talk about customer experience and other things about the product are not available on the official website.

Phone Number – No phone number displayed. But you will receive a company number ie HE 421854
Shipping Orders – The site offers free shipping internationally from $39.99.
Return and refund – You can return the product within 30 days and the money will be transferred to the original payment method of the website after receiving the order.
Payment Methods – The site accepts PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and other payment methods.

Wianni is legitimately pro-professional

All products are 50% off or less.
Several categories are highlighted to facilitate customers’ search.

There is a disadvantage

No reviews and customer feedback or product reviews are shared.

Is Wianni.com safe to trust?

As I mentioned before, the site is redesigned for users; It’s hard to trust a website that I don’t have all the information about. Let’s take a look at the Vianney reviews and see if the site is worth buying.

The domain is 11 days old.
The domain was created on 26.08.2022 and expires on 26.08.2023.
Alexa is located worldwide and the US is nowhere to be found.
It’s a good sign if the content is 100% unique.
Vianni.com has a trust score of 2%, which makes it suspicious.
Minimal information is provided on the home page.

Vianni.com is not affiliated with any social media platform and the links below are invalid and will not take you to their sites.

What do customers think about Wianni reviews?

It is difficult at this point to know what customers think about the site because it was recently created and there are no customer reviews. Also, no information can be found online about Vianni.com, which puts the site in the suspect column.

However, customers can wait for reviews and decide to buy from the website to clear their doubts. In the meantime, you can review and return PayPal’s anti-fraud protection measures.


Based on everything we gathered about the site and Vianney’s comments, we can say that the site is not legit and should not be trusted at this time.

The website has not been tested and we cannot say that Vianni.com is a real website. Learn more about credit card fraud and security measures.

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