Who Killed Aemond Targaryen – During The Battle

Who Killed Aemond Targaryen

Article House of Dragons

In Episode 10, Rayna inherits the Iron Throne after the death of her father, House Hightower, and her brother, Aegon II. When everyone but the queen wants to fight (Damon says he can handle two dragons a day), Khan tries something formal.

When Otto Hightower agreed to move in. He says he thinks about it, explaining that his priority is to support the great Houses of Westeros (Stark, Tilly and Barahan).

But when Lord Boros brought Lucifer before Barhan, all was not well for Lucifer. Amund Targaryen (son of El Saint and brother of “King” Aegon II) was there when the Lurkers arrived. He offered to marry one of Bro’s daughters to further Aegon’s claim to the throne.
Lucius didn’t have it and was told to leave. But not before Amand leaves. Lucius says he banished him years ago, after Porus stopped negotiating and ordered the guards to release Lucius to Dragon Elix, but that wasn’t the end of the story.

Why did Amanda kill Rushli?

Short answer: surprise. Looking at his face after the accident, Eamond Targaryen knew he had made a huge mistake. But Amund didn’t want to put his family in danger. However, he knew the outcome of the murder.
That’s what I saw when Amanda tried to raise the bar. The real question is: why did the serpent kill Lucifer? The answer is simple because it is a dragon.

How did Lucius Fleuron die in the book?

In Martin’s novel Fire and Blood, George R. is the cause of Alfalfa’s death. However, the difference is small. Interestingly, the book suggests that Amund was deliberately obtuse. Portraying them as villains is part of the nature of the book, but the HBO show seeks to bring humanity into conflict.

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