When Did Will Chris Smith Slap Rock {August 2022} Check Incident Here!

When Did Will Chris Smith Slap Rock

In the article “When Chris Smith Hits the Rock” we mentioned a five-minute video that Smith posted on YouTube.

Have you heard of the wheel flipping thing? Or have you seen the clip of this event? The pumping incident sparked controversy in the US, UK and Canada and received critical acclaim around the world.

But months after the incident, Will Smith appeared yesterday with a music video titled “A Minute Gone…”. Which video are we talking about? We’ll also talk about the event in When Chris Smith Made Slap Rock.

One minute!

Months after the slapping incident on July 29, 2022, actor Will Smith finally spoke about his act on March 29. He posted a 5:30 minute video on Instagram of his mother, wife and family apologizing to The Rock.

In addition, her apology extends to Pinkett Smith, her children, fans, friends and Oscar nominees. He regretted his behavior and said: “It’s not about who hurt him, but there’s no part of him that thinks it was the right thing to do at the time.”

When did Chris Smith level the Rock?

On the eve of the 94th Academy Awards on March 27, 2022, Smith went live on stage and applauded the comedian during his performance. It all happened when The Rock joked that Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, had a shaved head. Jada Smith shaved her head for alopecia areata, also known as alopecia areata.

In yesterday’s video, Smith said he later tried to contact Chris, but the comedian turned him down. In the video, he reads the questions, speaks to the camera and apologizes.

What are the consequences of this event?

Will Dead ends his documentary without a word about the incident when Will shocks Chris Smith. Later that night, when he won Best Actor for his performance in King Richard, he apologized to his co-stars, the nominees, the Academy and The Rock. However, he acknowledged The Rock and the Academy on social media the next day and apologized.

In addition, Smith resigned from the Academy on 1 April and was suspended from the Academy for ten years after 8 April. It was also reported that he was asked to leave the series When Chris Smith Will Do Slap Rock. However, Rock later denied that he wanted to be forcibly evicted.

About the video:

The YouTube video currently has over 19 million views and 16,000 comments. Some users appreciate their efforts. But not these people, Chris Rock should be forgiven. Let’s see if Rock will accept his apology and if Smith will forgive him.


We covered the incident at the Oscars and in a video apology posted on Will Smith’s official YouTube and Instagram accounts. So when did Chris Smith level the Rock? You better know now. If you haven’t seen Will Smith’s apology video, here is the link.

Why do you think Chris will forgive Rock Smith? And let us know what you think about this option in the comments section below.

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