What Is Thcjd – Update

What Is Thcjd

What are TGZs?

THCZD, the mysterious compound in cannabis, has never been officially discovered by cannabis researchers. It is also assumed that THCZD is in the words of the author.
What is THCJD? What do these cannabinoids do? Can I buy online? Find out in this guide.

What is the cannabinoid THCJD?

The full name of THCJD seems to be “tetrahydrocannabioctyl”, but this name and its abbreviation are not mentioned in the scientific literature. The creators of this rare cannabinoid call this cannabinoid with 8 carbon atoms in its side chain “octylcannabinoid”.
This unique composition gives THCZD lovers a higher high than regular THC. However, there are no studies on THCJD, so it’s hard to assess everything from efficacy to safety.

How is THCZD made?

According to information available online, THCJD is a natural cannabinoid. However, most of the natural cannabinoids found in cannabis are not commercially available, so THCZD must be replaced with other cannabinoids. THCJD is thought to exist.

When does THCZD open?

According to various online sources, a 2020 Italian study found THCJD THCH. However, we did not find “THCJD” or “tetrahydrocannabioctyl” in published studies on this topic.
Readers familiar with THCJD research should check it out. However, it is currently unknown whether THCJD occurs naturally in cannabis. THCJD can be caused by mutations in the cannabinoids needed to produce synthetic cannabinoids such as delta-8 and delta-10.

What does THCZD do?

Proponents of this THC substitute say that THCJD produces the same effects as regular THC, but is “19 times more potent.” We don’t know where these numbers come from as there is no scientific research to back up these claims.
However, Cannabis Secrets THCJD has a strong internet presence and even has its own subreddit. However, some avid weed watchers on Reddit have come to the same conclusion as above.
For example, in August 2022, a poster on “u/ezemie” suggested that THCJD is not a specific compound, but rather octyl THC or JWH-138, which THCJD users often refer to. criticize THCJD supporters. Cannabinoids can be “perfect CB1 antagonists”.
Only TL. Dr: According to Reddit, THCJD doesn’t exist so it’s nothing.

How is THCJD different from THC?

According to marketing advertisements, THCJD is an “eight carbon” form of THC with eight carbohydrates in its backbone and possibly a higher percentage of cannabinoids. Therefore, researchers attribute the effectiveness of THCP to the two extra carbon atoms in its tail.
Regular THC has only a five-carbon tail, which limits its binding to the CB1 drug receptor in the brain. THCP makes THC 33 times more potent than regular THC, and the 7 extra carbons in THCP make THCJD more potent than THC. So why is THCJD 19 times more expensive than THC alone?

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