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Virtual Families 3 Cheats

Tips with Virtual Family 3: Improvements, Recommendations, and Tips
This section consists of 3 sections: “How to Become a Virtual Family” on marriage, having children, work, employment, access to education and family education, respect for leadership, home renovation, tips on coins, and more. Don’t waste your time and go to “Virtual Family 3 Cheats” for step-by-step instructions, tips, and tricks:

Getting started with your virtual family: 3 important steps
(1) Follow your instincts and move on. First of all, the condition of the house is very bad, you decide. Product Management: You can manage Virtual Family 3 by dragging symbols to objects or tasks. For example, if the character is hungry, remove it (release the symbol) and put it in the fridge.
(2) Medical goals: Keep an eye on your daily diet, book a bath, and look for job offers. Pull it loose! Take care of them even if you are sick.

(3) Keep the house clean: You will soon find the house dirty. Socks, stockings and more are available. traction marks on dirty objects; then select the symbol and move it to the Trash. Also fix some bugs.
(4) View destination: Click on the destination and get the information; name, age, occupation, behavior (currently), circumstances (happy, anxious, desperate, sad, etc.) and banking events.

(5) Age: The age of your characters at all times. Seen with 1 year in 2-4 hours (real time).

(6) Ghosts: In our virtual family of 3 houses, you can usually see ghosts around or inside the house. As far as we know, these demons were the spirits of the dead in that house before they moved. me me! We still don’t know anything about demons! We may modify this statement based on the information provided. If you have any information about daemons, let us know in the comments section below.

(7) Improvements: – What to do with the virtual family? How to move? (1) Collect coins and make crafts. (2) increase the score. (3) possession and breeding; (4) purchase of furniture and appliances; (7) maintain the goods; lines, minerals, pens, missing toys, photographic content; look at your garden (8) Observe and achieve your culinary goals. (9) Increase your family tree.

Virtual Family Development Guide 3 Tips


Holidays are over
You will need a family outing to complete 3 Virtual Family vacation plans. How to make a virtual family trip 3: –

How to Plan a Family Trip with a Virtual Family 3⇓
Virtual family 3 family outings


First, we have to wait for the family to leave. The old woman’s car turned on the dirt road (to the right of your house). Drag the target from the house to the RV on the wet road and the family leaves. If there were no old cars on the road, the family would not leave. Developers are launching new family events on a temporary basis, so stay tuned for news on sports, highways, and connections.

If there is room for RV, families can walk. Click this button to get to some of the places where you do your work and get travel tips that you can exchange for other things.

Virtual family marriage 3
In Virtual Families 3, you can get married by finding your partner online and creating an image. † Computer use, Internet connection, and partner search are key; You can help choose the perfect partner for this purpose. Then they stayed in a house and started celebrating the wedding!

There are three children in the virtual family.
How can we have 3 countries where children have to live in a virtual family? Very easy; Just check your adult sexual behavior (old woman -> elderly woman or someone else). When they want two sim babies, they go to the bedroom and try to be a baby (before you can do that, you first have to buy a good chair or bed).

Tasks ,.

If they are against adoption, you can have a baby. Click Store -> New Features -> Delivery Services at the bottom center. How many children can be in one game? Maximum 12 (approx.). Write in the comments or call this number!

Virtual Family Care Guide 3
All 3 virtual home actors work in the kitchen, office and workshop. Depending on the job, you can put them on stage; comply with and fulfill their obligations. Tap the ladder and see your work at the end. For example, if it’s a kitchen-related task (such as a bottle of mustard, a personal chef), send a message to the kitchen.

Career quizzes
Player development analysis; select a group first, click on the icon below (it will appear when selecting a group) -> this will open your profile where you can check the progress of your work; career level – beginner, beginner, beginner, licensed, experienced, successful, proficient and adept. The higher the level, the higher the salary.

How long before payment
Every 24 hours (daily, in real time), the payment is transferred to the individual’s bank account. Even if the character does not go to work, he still receives a salary. Note. Scores are still rewarded after each level of activity – so be sure to encourage them to take action (pull the right station; depending on your action – hold on until they do). This way you can make more money for free, without cheating!


Increase your income ethically
As mentioned above, in-game players get paid without them! This does not mean that they should not be motivated to work. If you want to make more money, encourage them to work, praise them for what they do, give them sweets and fruits, and promote them – it will help you make more money!

Players don’t do much
In most cases, actors do not go to work and refuse to work if they are ill, hungry, depressed in some way or have problems such as cleaning, housekeeping, etc. going to work.

My scores will not be raised
Grades are awarded when they are focused on their work. Be sure to encourage them to work, praise them at work, give them fruit, cake – for quick promotion. You can check their progress in the profile menu; after selecting it, click on their icon.

Where is the course in the third financial year?
The tutorials in Virtual Families 3 do not initially exist. You need to save money and buy; faucet shop -> home development / repair -> faucet key / tool icon -> you can build a base studio for 3850 rupees, a luxury home for 12,000 rupees and a hobby studio for 6,000 rupees.


“Real Estate Optimization” virtual home 3 summary guide ⇓
Home errors are common in virtual homes 3. You can use the toolbar and the letters to fix things or call a boy (use the phone). In this section, we provide a summary of common body defects:.

Repair the leaking sink
Note: All you have to do is pick up the furniture set from the accessories store menu (accessories tab). It costs $ 175 to purchase this kit. If you have it, everyone is over the age of 14 and will do the job. Pull and release the power tool kit. If not, throw them in the draw.

Repair of clogged shower cubicles and toilets
Note: All you have to do is pick up the furniture set from the accessories store menu (accessories tab). It costs $ 175 to purchase this kit. If you have it, everyone is over the age of 14 and will do the job. Pull and release the power tool kit. If not, throw them in the draw.

Repair the cracked pipe

On the go: Call a plumber. Draw an old man on the phone and call the plumber.

Adjust the dryer and heat the oven
Instructions: go to the store menu -> furniture -> accessories -> buy a fire extinguisher. Put it home and then draw a portrait of an adult -> put it in the dark.

Improving the Internet

Instructions: Call an online repair center and they will send someone to repair the internet. Drag an adult photo to your phone.

Repair cable TV

Instructions: Call a cable TV repair service. Pull and release

professional development

If there is no problem with the character
Change jobs or create new ones
Click the Refresh icon and then the icon in the profile below. Click the “Update Me” button in the upper left corner of the profile page. You can find more options there.

Higher education – Add new favourites: thanks
Vocational Education – Professional Development
The profession is changing. – Create a new job
Earn money in VF 3

(1) Your colleagues are working with coins. Click “Bank” in the lower right corner to see your daily income. Preach to your career heroes every day to increase their profits.

(2) Watch free coins while watching video ads. From time to time you will see a “free coin” offer in the upper right corner. Click, see the ad and get the reward!

(3) Define the targets.

Note. This article/guide is in development. New information will then be added. Questions Ask in the comments below.

Check your fish market certificates regularly

Fly. Login to Virtual Family Fish Market 3 regularly. You will get excellent certificates to enjoy the content of the game. For example, a rock dog certificate is required to obtain a private collection from an aquarium. You cannot sue without this certificate. He says he still needs it. The Fromer must be a certified mountain dog for hunting and gathering.

How to remove unwanted items from three real families

Many gamers replace their old furniture with expensive new accessories to decorate their homes. Press the function at the top of the screen to remove old furniture or trash (things, furniture, clothes, etc.). Then hit the save-> button and drag the message into the game and move the dog. Then you can sell the product and earn free coins.

Suggestions for solving property problems

Virtual families resemble not only events, but also diseases in three real competitions. As an athlete, make sure all your families are happy and not sick. You can check and check the status in the lower right corner by clicking on the picture. In this guide, we have shared a list of cheats that cure all diseases. If all this does not help, you can go to the store -> Food and Drug -> Talk to a doctor and go to a sports doctor. Medicine Bank 495 Game Coins.

I’m bored with my personality

Family members should be able to relax when they are tired or tired. This includes cleaning, drying and more. Don’t force it. By snoring, you can lay them on the bed or bed and let them sleep. Since the game is similar to real life, your characters need at least 6-8 hours of sleep. You can keep this game for 6-8 hours.

my colleague is depressed

If someone in your family is depressed, it may be because someone has died. Do you give sweet fruit? Let’s say if a family member dies in the game, the other members/heroes can get depressed temporarily. In this case, you can wait for a while and they will automatically get rid of the depression (or use the method below). Other reasons may be the absence of children. Log into the character profile to see if kids like it. If so, do it. See the Child section above for more information.

How Is Depression Treated?

Professional advice. Select the picture, click the profile picture -> then click the “Update me” button on the picture -> use the arrow keys to check for updates; Find “psychotherapy”. Use this update to treat depression
There is applause. Praise your employees regularly. Give them fruit or food
improves the home
having a baby



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