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You have received the final information sheet to pay the red light ticket. Do traffic policemen around the world usually give red lights? Did you know that snail mail also has a website address to pay the bill? Do you know if the ad is true or false?

Let’s take a look at the content and analysis of the emails suggested by the scam. Violation


Residents of Arizona, the city of Doral, and others, received final notices to pay their red light tickets at a physical mailbox. This scam started appearing in March 2022. While similar scams happened in 2018 and 2021, the current scam involves

The scammers sent a letter imitating the original version of a real traffic police red light ticket, with two pictures of the car and a record of marks. the date of the offense the amount and a link to a free website

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One victim who received snail mail said the ticket violation date was February 30, 2022, but there was no date in February!

Realistic images captured by road traffic cameras, including images of vehicles from appropriate distances and heights. But because the cameras are mounted on poles, the phishing emails contain pictures of cars and license plates taken at a short distance and at the same height, about 2 to 3 feet. . . .

The victim said the photo was a hoax from The photo of the car and license plate appeared to be taken by someone who took a photo of the car parked at his house.

The victim rented a car the day after the accident. So the real owner of the car and the registered address are different, but the red light does not indicate the owner of the car and only the address of the victim. This can be easily verified from his house name and address code.

The police department also warned residents to beware of scams. before receiving the final notice The traffic police sent an advance warning to pay the fine, the police said, in case the victim did not receive the advance warning. The last warning is suspicious and possibly a scam.

Finally, legitimate sites for payment traffic problems are: separate from the link in the post.

Conclusion: .

The return address is “City of Lauderdale, Intersection Safety Program, PO Box 7098, Tempe, AZ-85285 2091,” the letter says, but it has a fake website address to pay the bill:, so e-mail it with the breach payment And the email link is a scam. In addition,, registered on March 12, 2022 for 1 year, has a 1% premium and got free email service.

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