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Universemalls Reviews {July} Is This Website Legit Or A Scam?

Universemalls Reviews

This article was written because the Universe examined your money to protect you from scammers and fraudsters and other relevant information.

Do you like games and all kinds of dice? In this article we will discuss whether it is safe to buy from this site. This topic will be discussed by visitors to websites from the United States and the United States.

If you are looking for the truth behind the site, it is recommended that you read this review by Universemals.

What is Universmall.com?

This site is registered in the United States. It is an online shopping site that offers special products to buyers as well as standardizing their shopping list. He sells cheese. Green dice set, bloody dice set and split bags. The website sells these and offers product information. The creator of this website helped customers by providing important instructions. The site has secure and secure payment options.

Question: Is the law of relativity?


If you have any questions about the market share of this site, please check the information on this page. This will help you. Let’s take a quick look.

Site view This is an online shopping site called various dice packages.
Email: szsomeway@aliyun.com
Website: https://universemals.shop/
Contact Address: .ok
Contact number: +1.3108677000
Price of goods: USD
Sorting and filtering: Available on the Web.
Secure Information: Information shared by customers is unreliable.
Payment options: PayPal
Ippinguk Transportation Policy: It is estimated that it will take 12-15 days to deliver the points in search of the Versailles world.
Return Policy: Within 7 days.
Participation in social networks: not found.
We also provided additional information that could not be decided.


A refund policy is helpful because it gives you a week off.
The payment process is fast and easy to use.
The product description is very good.


Many negative reviews about this website have been found through the web pages of the website.
More than 1 million online businesses are a sign of understatement.
It uses its own HTTPS connection.
The information provided is not reliable.

Is it a shopping mall law?

The reliability of the site can be determined from the general information in the specification. Let’s learn all the information you need to make sure your website is secure.

The young page of the site was launched on 11.11.2021. It was built just 26 days ago.
Site trust level This site has a confidence level of 11%, which is a low score.
Alexa Rank: A suspicious Alexa rank of 4,658,442 was found.
Connecting to social media There is no connection in the social network profile.
Copyright: More than 50 percent of the content has been copied publicly.
Customer Reviews: There is no review for Universemals on this page.
Legal e-mail address: Direct e-mail Address.
Product authenticity: The answer is indeterminate, but it seems strange.
Owner ID: not specified
Contact Address Reliability: This is not an accurate representation of the truth.
This is a policy of return and exchange: relying on it is not a good idea.
Owner Information: The owner did not have any information.
Based on the above, the page does not look real. Customer reviews need to be reviewed in more detail to get accurate information about reliability.

Shopping malls versus reviews

Trading on a new site is risky because many sites are created by scammers. Shares are limited. Site sites should be evaluated with caution.

The article states that the page is only one or two days old. There are users who have not seen the content reviews that make up the obscure version of the page. We also found a lot of negative reviews that looked like online spam on trusted browsers. Customers have openly stated that this is a fraudulent site.

Take a last look at this page:

Universemalls Review We can’t get the result fast enough and fast enough. We do not claim that the design and operation of the store is deceptive.

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