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Ukshopnow com Reviews {July} Is It An Authentic Seller Or Scam?

Ukshopnow com Reviews

Ukshopnow Com Reviews investigated the credibility of an online retailer that claims to offer designer clothes for women.

With online shopping booming in the US with an estimated sales potential of $500 billion by 2021, online retailers are targeting a wide variety of markets. .

This retailer is an American company specializing in women’s fashion. Ukshopnow Reviews will carefully analyze the site and provide publicly available information to online shoppers.

The panel will also address issues related to its credibility.

Shop Ukshopnow com.

The store offers women’s clothing such as tops, sweatshirts, pajamas and sweaters. Most items cost around $40 for various sizes. The selection of products for sale is very limited and there are no discount offers on this site.

Although they try to categorize the products, they all link to a women’s clothing store website. There are many signs that make this site suspicious, so let’s take a look at the pros and cons in the next section to determine if Ukshopnow.com is legit or a scam.

Features of Ukshopnow website:.

Domain name – ukshopnow.com
Website address – https://ukshopnow.com
This product sells clothing and piercings for women.
Payment method: PayPal Debit, PayPal and Credit Card
Contact phone – +4
Email address – service@ukshopnow.com
Real address: 77 Qing Yang North Road, Tianning District, 10037, Changzhou, 631, CN.
Shipping Policy: 7-11 business days for US customers, 7-15 days for worldwide customers.
The return policy is 14 days from receiving the goods.
Return Policy 7 days after returning the item
SSL certificates available


According to a Ukshopnow review on Ukhopnow.com, the total delivery time is 7 to 15 days in line with normal retail practice for online stores.
The email address and phone number will enable the customer to resolve their issue as soon as possible.
14 days allows consumers to decide if they want to return an item.
Free shipping on items over $99 will help customers save some money when buying in bulk.


Most customer reviews for this online store are not positive.
The address is located in an extremely dangerous location, which increases the possibility of fraud and corruption.
The site does not give discounts to customers.
Low confidence score.

Is ukshopnow.com legit?

Negative customer reviews and other information about the online market raise many doubts about the legitimacy of this site. So, to determine the authenticity of this website, below are the facts about online shoppers.

Domain Age: This site was started on September 19, 2021 and is two months old.
Trust Index It has a trust index of 39.2 percent, making it a controversial site.
An Alexa score of 377,452 indicates that the site is not getting enough traffic.
Presence in social networks. This website has no social media presence.
Trust Score: Ukhopnow.com’s analysis showed that the website has a trust score of only 1%, making it extremely unsafe for an online shopper.
Address: physical address. The country listed in the contact information is classified as a high-risk country, so the risk of corruption and fraud is high.
Customer reviews: Most of the customer reviews about it are negative.
Plagiarized content appears as highly plagiarized content and untrustworthy sites.
Free Shipping Shipping is free on purchases over $99.
This site sells a limited number of items that raise questions about the seller.
The above questions cast doubt on the legitimacy of this website.

Ukshopnow com What is a review?

The Ukshopnow online store has no customer feedback on the detail page, which affects the customer experience when you buy. Because it is two months old, the new website and too few reviews are available online.

It has 2.6 out of four points of the quality rating area. Most consumer reviews tell users to stay away from the site, and some consumers complain about the lack of customer service in the online store.

Users should stay away from it as many consumers explain that it is an unreliable place.

Final Order

Ukshopnow reviews from com tried to search this site and found content like physical address, there are fewer annual and negative customer reviews of this store.

Therefore, it is recommended that people stay away from this place and do thorough research before buying from shady websites. Online shoppers can share their thoughts on online scams in the comments section below.

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