Top 7 Best Muck Seeds {May 2022} Get The Details!

Top 7 Best Muck Seeds

In a game like Muck you have to start well if you want to survive. The game changes randomly and many players did not survive the last 10-15 days. Using Muck Seeds will give you the boost you need in the game. Seeds generally give you access to many items and weapons in the game, which will help you win much faster in the game, making it easier later on.

To use your favorite seed and load it into your game, just enter the code in your muck client.

Here Are The 7 Best Muck Seeds For Speedrun, Nightblade And More

1. Rain

It is one of the best seeds for manure. It has many, many items for you to collect, from food to armor to weapons. There are chests all over the world in this seed and it’s full of buildings. In the first two days you can buff your character so high and upgrade everything to a very high level. This will help you fight if bosses appear earlier in the game.

2. Drugs

This is another great seed for Muck, as apart from tons of items like apples, milk, and food, you also get the most important weapon in the game, which is the Nightblade. Nightblade has a 0.1% chance to spawn in a cave in Muck, but due to this seed you can find it immediately after opening the game. The cave in this seed is just before the spawn area. You also get a lot of blue chests in this seed.

3. 221294511

Just like drugs, this seed also has Nightblade quite early in the game. You can find the Nightblade in this seed at the end of day 1. In the first 5 days you can one-shot kill monsters in the game, but the bosses will spawn after day 5, so play it safe and wait for the golden axe. The golden ax is also available in one of the chests from this seed.

4. 12466352

If you don’t want to jump right into a Nightblade and get too overwhelmed, you can use this seed. With this seed, you can still play the survival mechanics of the game, but it will still give you a little help with resources and weapons. At the end of day 1 you will have a golden sword in this seed. You can still kill enemies at your own pace and collect minerals, rocks and other things. Also in this seed there are many chests to open.

5. poop

A lot of people have used this seed since it came out because this seed has a lot of elements to offer. Even if these Filth Seeds don’t immediately help you with Night Blade or Life Steal, they still give you a huge amount of minerals and weapons. The first building you enter after spawning could give you mithril axe, gold, iron weapons, gold ingots, and much more. You can unlock tons of weapons and chests in this seed.

6. 197390643

There are many Nightblade Seeds out there, but not many of those Nightblade Seeds also contain other items needed for survival. However, this seed is a mix of villages and also gives Nightblade. You also get the golden pickaxe on this dung seed. One great thing about the village in this seed is that Smith Villager can trade obamium and rubies for coins. Many players have considered these Muck seeds to be the best seeds of all and use them for the survival aspect.

7. Spear Seed

This is another seed that contains OP weapons, Nightblades, and items, but with a difference. This seed has double the resources, items, and food. So if you play this seed with your friends, you will have enough for them too. The only reason this seed is last on the list is that you can’t speed it up. The Nightblade isn’t found as early in the game, and this bastard’s pace is slower than others. However, this seed is worth a look.
These are, in our opinion, the top 5 slime seeds that still work. Take a look at some Minecraft seeds here.

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