High School Escape 2 Walkthrough {May 2022} Know The Answer! To The Game!

High School Escape 2 Walkthrough

High School Escape 2 was recently released, an extension of the popular High School Escape game for Goblin LLC mobile devices. If you have difficulty completing the training; Check out High School Escape 2 to complete the pedestrian level

High School Escape 2 is a new escape game for mobile devices. In this game, the player must solve the problems for the escape rooms. The game has 18 levels. Level 9 is free (as shown in the game). In this post, we will troubleshoot and finish the music; step by step tutorial / introductory photos.

The drop out school is 2nd grade

High Escape 2 High School Escape 2 Walkthrough – Now open the window and cross the room using a hook and rope. We need these products; fork to open travel bag, hook, rope and handle. Let’s start with level 2, high school

Step 1) Tap the wall (in the right corners). There are some caveats. Double-click the Eiffel Tower poster and find the key.

Step 2) Now click on the left or enlarge corner in the box. Use the key to open the key. Already Arkan.

Step 3) Tap the shelf space and pick up the hook. Use the hook together with the hook – together.

Step 4) Hold the pillow (pad 2). Use the lever to open the window. Use Hook + Rope to escape. This high school degree is over.

Leaving school is a 2nd grade course

High School Escape 2 High School Escape 2 Level 2 Walkthrough -> You are about to enter the room at this stage. The room is closed. So we had to open the window to enter the room. In step 2 we need a string, a utility knife, two sheets. Let’s start with the show High School Escape 2 Level 2

Step 1) Click on the box and it will close. Press the lock and use this code -> A C A B. Then remove the paper and boxes from the box.

Step 2) Tap one side of the bucket and remove the other page. Now you have it.

Step 3) Touch the wall (left corner) with facing material. Use a utility knife to cut the strings / threads.

Step 4) Tap the lines in the book and then click on the notes.

Step 5) Go back to the main view and go to the window. Use the ribbon / thread window and login. This high school phase ended for round 2.

Early School Leaving is a second grade textbook

High School Escape 2 Travel -> You are in the music room. The goal is to open and close the door. You need a map and a special item. You need sticks and threads to get the paper. Leaving school early 3 free

Step 1) Tap the box (cut with wire). Now you need to change the metal / color. Update as follows: – Take 2 steps to high school

So take the item, lock that item. Tip: Tap the threads and change the color.

Step 2) Tap the tool and remove the sticks. Go back to the home screen and press the guitar (wall).

Step 3) Use the turntable with the guitar (next to the seat). Arkan al. Mix sticks and strings.

Step 4) Touch the right side of the seat and use the stick to remove the paper.

Step 5) Insert the door, insert the paper and other materials. This second grade is over.

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