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Tikick.RU Reviews {June} Is This Site Legit Or Scam?

Tikick.RU Reviews

This article contains factual information from Tikick.RU about online stores that offer luxury shoes.

Want to get designer shoes? So, you take part in this review where we are going to talk about online stores that claim to offer great shoes at affordable prices.

Today, everyone wants to know about high quality products, but not everyone can afford to buy their own device. But don’t worry, the Tikick.RU store claims to offer the best shoes like Nike, Adidas, Air Jordan and Prada steals. However, stores ship internationally, including the United States.

Let us know as we review how you successfully sell at a lower price on Tikick.RU.

What is Tikick.RU?

Tikick.RU is an online shoe shopping platform from luxury brands such as NIKE, ADIDAS, AIR JORDAN, YEEZE and MCQUEEN. The website claims to offer nice old shoes at an affordable price. Similarly, the public can also benefit from some special benefits. Use coupon code “Tickick” and get a 10%discount.

Women’s and men’s shoes are also available on this site. As a result, people can have more choices in each category. In addition, you can order from the United States or anywhere in the world, as the site has international shipping facilities.

Tikick.RU is one of the many places where it has many names under one roof. However, some are still skeptical about the site and question whether Tikick.RU is genuine or a scam.

What does Tikick.RU do?

Go to the website – https://www.tikick.ru
Screening Date-9/06/2
Products – high quality shoes
Company email – aliceraindoc@gmail.com
Business address – not to mention
Call – +85246150827
Delivery time – within 5-10 working days
Shipping costs – free shipping
Social media icons
Right to reply – within seven working days
Return policy – within 24-48 hours
Payment method – PayPal
To learn more about the platform, please read Tikick.RU reviews to the end.

What are the advantages of shopping at Tikick.RU?

This website has HTTPS security.
The site claims to offer excellent features.
Customers do not have to pay for shipping.
The site is full of cute shoes.

What are the Disadvantages of shopping at Tikick.RU?

There is no personal information on this website.
This site is not available on many social networking sites like Facebook.
Only user profiles are mentioned on this webpage.

Is Tikick.RU valid?

In this article, we have gathered all the indicators needed to determine the reliability of a network. But today people should not trust a company without doing proper research.

Consider the following factors to determine if your site is trustworthy.

Website Registration Date – Online Registration Date is 09/06/2021.
Deadline – The registration deadline is 09/06/2
Advertising – This website is displayed on limited advertising platforms such as instagram.
User Guide – Contains an uploaded Tikick.RU user review template.
Good content – Content looks bad because it misses important information.
Address validity – Only company email and phone numbers are stored on the contact page.
Alexa Rank – This website has a negative Alexa ranking of 1,671,753.
Trust Index – Trusted networks is 48.6%.
Trust level – The trust level of a website is 1%.
Policies – This site is free of rules.
Error – This site is not unique.

Tikick.RU User Questions

According to the survey, its official website has a user review template where people post such funny comments. , no users have commented on this post.

Overall, we found this site quite unique as it offers great products at unrealistic prices.

If you want to refund your money from PayPal, read here.

Final decision

The main thing during this Tikick.RU review is that the Tikick.RU shop is a shop that can be questioned for a variety of reasons. Also, potential buyers are advised to review everything before entering card details on the page. How to get your money back if you pay by credit card.

What do you think of this site? Please let us know at the end of this review.

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