Tibia Murder Case – Murder Case Story

Tibia Murder Case

Who is Daniel Petrie?

Daniel Petri is a Brazilian criminal who raped, murdered and kidnapped his local friend Gabriel Kahn.
He died in Santa Catarina, Brazil in 2007.
Daniel was 16 when he killed his neighbor, shocking and horrifying many.
Daniel was imprisoned for his cruelty. 3 years limited
However, the arrest caused an uproar.

Read the story carefully.

The murders of Daniel Petrie and Gabriel Cohen
Daniel Petrie, 16, suffers from various mental disorders, although he is under the care of a psychologist.
Daniel’s mental condition prevented him from concentrating on his studies. It distracts me from everything I do. I also enjoy television and video games.

Daniel Petrie’s favorite sport is legs. Daniel has a lot of friends in the company.

Fusion point
In addition to Daniel Petrie, Gabriel Cohen has friends online who play with Tibia.
They are good friends until Gabriel donates 20,000 PT (which makes shopping easier and balances the game).
Gabriel promises to return the medal to Daniel. But if Daniel asks, he won’t pay.
Since this hasn’t happened yet, Gabriel and Daniel often argue when talking to each other. In the end, Gabriel breaks up with Daniel.
On July 23, 2007, at 9:30 a.m., Daniel Petri received a text message on his cell phone from the mother of Gabriel Cohen de Noah, who lives in Trento. Jibril replied that he was not there, he was just at home.
Daniel seized the opportunity and knocked on Gabriel’s door. But Gabriel knew who Daniel was. So he asked them to open the door.
However, Daniel said he wanted to apologize for his actions. Poor Gabriel fell in love with her.
When he opened the door, Daniel entered the house and started beating Gabriel.
Daniel Gabriel didn’t dare tell his parents about it. Gabriel said so.

But Daniel didn’t believe it. He catches Gabriel on the game console and then he’s dead.
The killer thinks Gabriel is dead and doesn’t leave his body to find him. Then he cut the body parts off
Daniel cuts off Gabriel’s leg and glasses with a kitchen knife. But Gabriel cried out that he would not die even if his legs were cut off.
Before releasing him, the perpetrators tied him up, cut off his legs and threw him through the door into the corridor.
Pictures from the accident scene
Pictures from the scene have been published online. However, there is no footage of the accident. However, I encourage my students to continue this unpleasant situation.

What happened to Daniel Petrie?

Gabriel Cohen’s brother and mother called the police after seeing their son’s beauty. Police arrested Daniel Boudreau after receiving evidence of his involvement in video games.
He appeared before a judge and pleaded guilty to all charges. An autopsy conducted by the coroner revealed that Gabriel had been raped multiple times, including rape.

Daniel Petrie told all the jurors in court:

Gabriel is a car thief. What I wrote is now burning in hell. Go to hell to avenge me after I die.
Due to Daniel’s mental state, his sentence was limited to three years and he was sent to a children’s hospital.

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