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TDS Wiki Cheats (Tower Defense System) ⇓

Starting with the wrong game, TDS is a Roblox game where players encounter endless zombies and bosses. You will be rewarded with money you can spend on security, upgrades and advanced technology. Consider the statistics in this statement.

TDS Codes Wiki [edit].

TDS numbers have special expiry dates; These gift codes will expire in a few days, so you need to use them quickly and claim your gift in order to complete the game. We are looking for new TDS numbers for this game, so we encourage you to check this page regularly.

To avoid confusion with TDS numbers, be sure to enter the payment number in the text in the sense of special characters (capital letters), as shown in Table No.

black numbers ⇓

Blessed 2021: Use this tool to get X Lux
robloxisback: Fix these parts and get X Premium Skicrate
1 BILLION: Use these numbers to get a Crate X Deluxe
ALL 20 AND 20 – Pay Mini Skin and get X [required in Minigunner Tower].
Holiday 21: Use this rule to get Party X 1 box
200 KMAIO: Use this rule to get X500 Gems
BLOXY21: Modify these rules to get X-Leader skin [must be Tower Commander].
FIFTYK: Use these numbers to get X 200 coins
Lag – To fix these issues, get a premium box.
imababy – Complete these challenges to earn Jewel X100
New Year 2021: Grab this opportunity and get X free gifts
30,000 – Use this code to get X free Pumpkins
RULES: Use this rule to get X Cowboy Skin (required in Cowboy Tower).
ICYFREEZE – Modify these rules to get Ice Cream Skin X (requires Ice Cream).
W33KLICODE: Use this code to get X +65
5KMILESTONE – Pay this number to get a Twitter X Minigunner skin
B1RDHUNT3R – Lock this item on board X for free
1 Pumpkin – Use well and get X White Pumpkin

What is TDS?

Launch Roblox TDS on your computer or mobile device.
Click on the Twitter bird icon on the left side of the screen.
A new window opens in which you can see the entries
Enter the number
Get a toll-free number

How do I get another TDS policy?

Many new releases of TDS have been introduced on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Application Games. Manufacturers often place gifts on special occasions such as sporting events, celebrities, partnerships and special events. We update this list with each new payment. You can visit this website and check the TDS numbers regularly.

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