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Starry For Cash App Review {Sep} Know Entire Reviews!

Starry For Cash App Review

Welcome to Star. See cache table.

While browsing the play store I came across star for cash. This is another game where players can grow a money tree and earn money through PayPal.

This app is developed by Merge Bot Games, the company behind the Tree for Money app. It looks like another game I recently reviewed called Shake Shake Tree!

These services provide players with enough virtual currency to last. Branding allows you to see more ads and increase your revenue.

Most developers refuse to share advertising revenue with gamers, even for legal games. Star for cash real or fake? Do they have to pay? Read and discover!

What is Star Cash?

Starry For Cash is an Android app that allows you to earn virtual money by planting trees that turn to gold with a click. This means you are one step closer to being rich! good…

As you progress, you can earn PayPal money that you can deposit into your account if you do something. This is a very satisfying game, you just need to tap the screen and scroll through the ads.


The only reason to play Star Cash is to win. Without rewards, many people quickly lose interest and stop playing after 10 minutes.


How do you play stars to earn money?

Click on the gold bar to collect coins and collect the red bar above. Click on the PayPal logo to receive cryptocurrency alerts.

To collect money, you must select the “Go” option and watch the short video to the end. There must not be any advertisement that interferes with the redemption of the prize.

The money you collect by clicking on the plant will be added to your other account balance and will only be used to repair the damaged tree. So you cannot make money with PayPal.

Once you’ve collected enough money to upgrade, click Upgrade to expand your factory. As a result, you can earn more stamps per click and keep your PayPal rewards.

Use things like rain (fully automatic) and fertilizer to help your trees grow faster. Play Lucky Spins to win more prizes.


Stars for money? Do you want to pay?

No, I don’t think it’s practical. There is no evidence that Star offers cash prizes to players who meet the payment terms. The potential to make hundreds of dollars from simple games accepted by advertisers is real.

Unfortunately, since the first release of this game, players have not been able to post reviews, results or complaints on the Play Store because they cannot read what others are saying about this game. …

I can’t even say that without proof. I can tell you that you are wasting a lot of time because you are less likely to get paid. Video also costs because it uses a lot of internet data.

All in all, I recommend playing for fun. How can you enjoy touching a virtual tree thousands of times? Personally, I like the most exciting way to spend time!

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