Southern Church California Shooting (May-2022) Know The Updated Info!

Southern Church California Shooting

This Southern Church California shooting post will tell you all about the incident and the latest updates.
Did you hear about the incident in California where a gunman opened fire on people? The incident happened on May 15 when the church was organizing a meeting for the Taiwanese. Such incidents have been happening quite frequently in countries like Canada, the United States and other western nations in recent years.
This post will tell you about the Southern Church California shooting, how the incident happened, how many people were killed and the events that followed. So, please read this post to know everything about the incident.

What happened in the church?

On May 15, 2022, the incident took place at Geneva Presbyterian Church in California, where Taiwanese were gathering for prayer. A man with two pistols entered the church during the lunch hour and opened fire on those present. He locked the doors of the church with the help of chains so that no one could escape from the place. This shooting at a Southern California church claimed one life and at least five people were seriously injured.

What do the authorities say?

Authorities have identified the suspect as 68-year-old David Chou. He was an immigrant of Chinese descent. He lived alone in the country without his family. He was captured inside the church itself when he was knocked out by the group of people who were tying him up with the extension cord.

In addition, we will keep you informed of the progress of the investigation, the motive for the shooting and related news and updates.

Shooting rampage at a church in Southern California

According to investigative reports, authorities concluded that the church shooting was a “politically motivated hate crime.” The suspect, a Chinese, was concerned about ongoing tensions between China and Taiwan and had grievances against the Taiwanese. It was also determined that the suspect was not related to the church or any other religion. Police have also collected papers and evidence from Chou’s car that indicate his hatred of Taiwanese.

Gun Culture

Many incidents have been reported in the US, according to online sources. Such incidents are recorded every year. The Southern Church shooting in California is a prime example of this and its aftermath. According to online sources, people are being affected by this life-threatening trend.


In summary, we have summarized this post and shared all the information about the incident. You will also learn what the authorities said and what caused the incident. In addition, the authorities have recognized the heroism of the people who captured the suspect and offered condolences to those who suffered and lost their lives. Visit this link to learn more about the latest California Shooting news.
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