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Sofomy Reviews {Aug 2022} Is This An Authentic Site Or Scam?

Sofomy Reviews

This guide presents an accurate analysis of Sofomy reviews and website information. Please note before ordering the product.

Looking for contemporary design for home furnishings and everyday needs? Then you can find the latest chemistry at sofomy.com. This site sells the best products not only in the US but also in other countries. But, there are some things to keep in mind and they are important before buying from an online store. Sofomy review guide will help you get more opinions about sofomy.com that are real.

About sofomy.com

Sofomy.com is a new and young pioneering company with a passion for sourcing.

The facility uses new chemistry to design modern technology that can identify the type of materials in the house. Daily needs etc. Sofomy.com’s goal is to provide users with the best products and services. Sofomy.com challenges the lives of users to deliver unique products to the world.

Let’s find out Is Sofomy Legit and more information on the website.

Website Information:

Web Type: Product Site.
Product types: Tables, kitchenware, storage devices, jewelry, and more.
Product URL: https://sofomy.com
Page creation date: 05.7.2022
Website expires: 05/07/2023
Product Price: The price at which the product is sold is in US dollars.
Support email address: sofomy@gamil.com
Contact: HARIO TRADING CO., LIMITED, Wheatcroft House, Wheatcroft Business Park Landmere Lane, Edwalton, Nottingham, England NG12 4DG
Contact number: Sofomy.com is not available.
Delivery Policy: Processing time 1-3 business days and delivery time 10-25 days.
Shipping Cost: Free shipping worldwide.
Return Policy: Accept 14 day return policy for this product.
Some definitions of Sofiamy

Product return address: Rm 319,f3, east Baishixia, Fuyong St, nongdian Industrial Area, bldg C, baoan, Shenzhen Guangdong, CHINA 51800
Return Policy: After inspection, the product will be returned and funds will be transferred to the account within 21 days.

Cancellation policy: Cancellation of items prior to acceptance of delivery.

Tracking Information: Product tracking is not specified.
Payment options: Visa, AMEX, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover and other card payments.

The good parts

This site offers free shipping worldwide.
The site accepts free returns on certain items.
Sofomy.com has (zero) popularity.
Sofomy.com has a secure payment system.
Sofimy.com has a secure HTTP connection.

The negative aspects indicate whether Sofomy is the right one

Sofomy.com has a 30-day return period for mail orders.
The identity of the owner of Sofomy.com is covered.
I received bad service on both servers.
I’ve seen common items that fraudsters replace time and time again.
Sofimy.com is not very popular.

Sofomy.com Rules:

Domain age: The domain was recently registered.
Social Media Links: No other links found.
Trust score: Sofomy.com has a poor trust score of 2%.
Alexa Ranking: Alexa Global Ranking and reach are not available.
Contact number: There is no support number to contact
Secure domain connections: Sofomy.com has a secure HTTPS connection.
Sofimy Customer Reviews: No reviews or comments found.
Contact Email Id: Support Id is available.
Rare domain content: their data was found.
Domain information: Covers the identity of the owner.
Return Policy: Accepts 30 day returns
Privacy Policy: Available information.
Change Policy: No information available.
Do you have any information to promote Sofomy.com above? So continue to read some customer reviews of Sofomy.com.

Something about customer reviews

Sofomy.com is a newly registered online website that sells household items, daily products and more. Since the Sofomy.com website is new, it has no reach and no popularity. Sofomy.com website is well designed but social media links are not available. Sofomy Reviews and the site received a threat model, phishing score. Sofomy.com website has no positive or negative feedback about products and customer services. No site trust ratings found. Based on our research, we found almost suspicious on the website. Also, click More information on PayPal fraud at this link.


We have come to the conclusion that Sofomy.com has excellent quality products for the everyday needs of selling websites. The site has been identified with a very high number of malware and phishing tags. The website Sofomy.com has a business rating of 14.8 out of 100. The website has a trust index score of only 2%. So we need more experience with Sofomy Reviews before we buy. Also, everything you need to know about credit card fraud.

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