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Smortbuy Reviews {June} Is This A Legitimate Site?

Smortbuy Reviews

Smortbuy Review (August) Is This A Legitimate Site Or A Scam? >> This post will help you identify the real targets of websites that sell fashion accessories and jewelry.

Do you like to wear jewelry? If so, you should check out this Smortbuy store, until you know its authenticity.

Today, our experts decided to talk about the famous Smortbuy store with incredible accessories. On this site, buyers will find a collection of beautiful earrings, necklaces, chains and bracelets that will amaze you.

As US designers say, accessories are enhanced and make your regular outfit something special. However, people need to add some fancy jewelry on their appearance to stand out from the crowd.

We find out more about this fashion accessory store in this Smortbuy Review.

What is Smortbuy?

Smortbuy is a newly created fashion accessory that provides a shopping platform where people can view the latest collections. However, the site focuses on events that are suitable for any occasion, such as a dinner party or corporate meeting.

Smortbuy has a range of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, chains, bangles, etc. beautiful, all products are made using raw stone and metal. In addition, you can get jewelry every day from the e-store to make you look beautiful on a normal day.

In addition, the entire collection of the site is divided into various categories such as wholesalers, new releases, and chains, among others.

But is Smortbuy legal? Read below to find out the answer.

What are the features of Smortbuy?

Website URL – https://www.smortbuy.com
Office address – 13829 U.S. Highway. 98 BYPASS, DADE CITY, FL 33525, USA
Contact number – not provided
Domain Creation Date- 10/06/2
Goods – accessories for women
Free shipping on orders over $ 150
Delivery Time-7-25 working days
Invert for 14 working days
Refund policy – not available
Exchange – not included
Payment methods – VISA, PayPal, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express
Social media links – None
Want to read the pros and cons of shopping at the sites listed below in this Smortbuy Review?

What are the advantages of ordering from Smortbuy?

It has a verified email server, and HTTPS is secure.
This site sells a lot of accessories.
The products offered are made using 100% genuine stone and metal.

What are the disadvantages of ordering with Smortbuy?

No user reaction.
This is not the presence of social media.
The website is up to date.
The user interface is not well controlled.

Is Smortbuy legal?

In this section, we will focus on the reliability of websites that manage fashion products. In addition, we have gathered some information that will help interested buyers make the right decision.

Consider reading the tutorial below.

Alexa rating – none.
Owner information – no owner information is available on the official website.
Policies – sites do not have flexible policies.
Social media icons – no social media icons and links on the website.
Customer Reviews – Smortbuy reviews are not mentioned on the website.
Domain registration date – Website domain is one month and 29 days, as confirmed on 10/06/2
The expiration date of the e-shop domain will expire on 10/06/2022.
Unrealistic discounts – websites do not offer money -saving offers and discounts.
Actual address – the office address specified looks very wrong.
Reliability Score – the database has a reliability score of 2%.
The database trust index level is 58.4 / 100.
Content quality – the quality of website content is below average.

Smortbuy customer reviews

This site is only about two months old. And, for this reason, no customer stories have appeared anywhere else. However, no data is available on popular sites like Trustpilot.

As a result, no user requests were received. Find out here how to get your hard earned money back if you’ve ever been attacked by an ecommerce site using PayPal.

Final Thoughts

In fact, we measure every single measurement before we draw conclusions. In the review, it was found that the website was selling jewelry at low price and this caused a lot of doubt in our minds.

Second, Smortbuy Review concludes that this site is new and has no support to verify its authenticity. Therefore, we recommend waiting a while until the website receives some visible evidence. Want to learn how to recover your credit card fraud? Then read here.



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