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Silveristic Reviews {May} Is This Site Scam Or Legit?

Silveristic Reviews

Do you know the conclusion of genuine Silveristic reviews? Please use this source if you are looking for reliable references.
Are you looking for e-commerce platforms to buy jewelry? Do you know the authentic threads about the authenticity of Silveristic.com? Jewelry is the most attractive and coveted fashion component.

Also, many people in the United States love to wear jewelry. But today, some doubts arise about Silveristic.com. So, in this compilation, we will provide the crucial details of the site while looking for the legitimate Silveristic reviews. Therefore, carefully examine the following paragraphs to observe the reality.

Statement from Silveristic.com

According to the portal, she sells unique jewelry to customers to make them feel special. In addition, the site auctions handwritten and personalized jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc.

Furthermore, the website implied that the company’s mission is to sell all products at a reasonable price. However, once you’ve decided to buy something there, check out the site’s listings and offers and read the underlying passages to determine if Silveristic is legit.

Some key site specs

The official URL for visitors to this portal is https://silveristic.com.
We have not reviewed the details of the exchange policy on the website.

Our determination resulted in info@silveristic.com as the email address.

We have placed the newsletter function on top of this portal.
According to our research, the website’s creation date is 02/14/2013, which means it is 9 years, 3 months and 10 days old.
The website stated that the company does not accept returns on personalized items.
Various social media icons are present.
According to the website, they do not offer refunds.
Women’s jewelry is listed on the portal.
According to Silveristic Reviews, they offer free shipping on orders over $20.
We have not collected any reference to the phone number on Silveristic.com.

The site indicated that delivery dates may vary depending on weather conditions or unfavorable scenarios.

ShopPay, GooglePay and PayPal are the fast payment methods.
Location details are not available on the website, raising suspicions.

Benefits proposed on the website

We saw the email address on the portal.
The site offers deals when ordering items.
We have maintained that portal items are listed at a 30% discount.
When searching for Silveristic Reviews, buyer reviews are available on the site.

Disadvantages found

The phone number and address of the store are missing.
Through the portal, we saw articles with a full 5-star rating, which raised questions.

The details of the policy are not well described on the website.

Is Silveristic.com loyal?

Authenticity of the discounts: the concession given does not seem incomplete, but you must take into account when exploring the site.
Website Expiration Date: Based on our review, the website will be retired on 02/14/2023.
Confidence Score: The value, ie. h 86%, showing the trustworthiness of Silveristic.com.
Founder Identity: Our survey found no related evidence on the site that questions whether Silveristic is legitimate.
Confidence Range: We have determined a confidence value of 100.
Buyer reviews: When we discovered Trustpilot, we found no legitimate reviews. However, we found other mixed reviews available on an eCommerce store. Also, Facebook contains only one positive comment.
Alexa Rank: This portal has a value of 8642224.

Domain age: We noticed that Silveristic.com was registered on 02/14/2013, which means it was registered 9 years, 3 months and 10 days later.

Social connections: We examine that the portal has active social connections on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.
Now let’s focus on digging a little deeper into customer opinions to see the original face of this portal.

Silverist Buyer Ratings
When looking for reviews for this site, we were unable to get any reviews from Trustpilot. However, the official website contained several positive comments from buyers. On the other hand, we noticed that the reviews on this portal were available on another e-commerce portal. Most buyers marked the item and the website as trustworthy on the website, but some also gave negative feedback.

In addition, we collected only one

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