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Shooting All Virus App Review

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All virus shooters are advertised as games that reward virus killing fun.

In the video, the author notes that he received a $50 gift card, which you can check your PayPal balance after paying. Results are not guaranteed and are not subject to payment terms.


Check out the programs that attract players with easy money. That’s right! How to get rid of viruses? This is a lie Please read my review before paying!


What is Virus Removal?

Virus Shooter is an addictive game where you shoot balls to destroy viruses. Real money and dollars are exchanged through PayPal.

How does virus removal work?

All viral shooters are available on the Play Store and are free to play. You don’t need to create an account or buy a license. Click “Start” and enjoy!


How to play viral shot?
When starting the game, a certain number of viruses will appear. Hit the ball and hit.

When the ball hits a bacterium, it attracts the bacterium and displaces half the population. Remove the virus when this number reaches zero.

Arrows collide with viruses and walls that appear on the screen. After that, the person who was falling stops jumping and goes up.

The more you play, the harder it will be to kill all the viruses. Therefore, more balls are needed to destroy each bacterium separately. Plus, they multiply too!

You get more balls after each level, but you also get more prizes! Therefore, you may need to use special tools to quickly destroy the virus.

I need to remove all viruses, is this legal?

Like most Play Store games, the developers do not provide proof of payment. The company also left gamers in doubt, as the app is only available in the initial (incomplete) launch.

There is no evidence to call this a viral download scam, but you can pay for it. This is because game developers cannot raise enough money to pay hundreds of dollars per user.

through thick and thin

It’s time-consuming and usually serious.
He does not believe
There is no payment confirmation.
You can pre-order your game so no one can rate it on the Play Store.
There are no requirements for its use.
Actual payment.
When you reach $200, your payment request will be forgotten. But you might not get there!
Lots of ads.


Even if you get rid of the virus, the company will never block your money from your PayPal account. Your chances of winning hundreds of dollars are high!

Therefore, we do not recommend using this software for hours to earn real money.

Every day I get feedback from people who are offended by what they call “passion”. Many regret gambling or cheating because they waste a lot of time and spend a lot of time on the Internet.

If you want to play just for fun, have fun.


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