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Merge Cats App Review

Welcome to the Merge Cats app review!

Many people are looking for legitimate services and trying to earn passive income just for fun.

The problem is that most games that claim to send hundreds of dollars to PayPal are fake!

I have used several pseudonyms including Kitty Town, Cat Paradise, Dog Condo, etc.

They all cheat people and watch videos but they don’t pay! So when I first heard about a similar app called Merge Cats, I was very skeptical.

However, this integration allows you to include SOUL blockchain tokens in your ETH wallet.

This gave hope because Crito’s paid games are generally safe.

So I installed Merge Cats, played for an hour and shared my experiences. We have also done some research to ensure that players get rewards.

If you’re playing Merge Cats to earn cryptocurrency, you’ve come to the right place!


Match Cat App Review

Official Title: Connect Cats (Early Access)
Producer: Sergey D. Solin
Access: Worldwide
Price: Free, many in-app items available
General: 2.4/5

What is cat mating?

Merge Cats is a free game where cats of the same level join to unlock higher levels.

The developers claim that you can earn crypto tokens by completing missions and leveling up.

LIS tokens can be exchanged for Bitcoin or Ethereum, which are paid to the cryptocurrency wallet.

The company also has a similar game, Crypto Dragons. You can collect tokens in this game and redeem them through a platform called

CryptoSoul claims to offer a new business model for the gaming industry where players get real rewards for their achievements.


How do cats work?

Merge Cat is an Android game and can be installed on Android devices only.

How to merge cats?
Cat Merge is a game where you have to drag cats to match them with cats of the same level.

Matching similar cats will generate more coins and unlock faster moving higher level cats.

Animals should be kept on the road. Animals generate coins every time they hit the road.

These coins cannot be exchanged for cryptocurrency or other rewards. Can only be used to buy more cats from the store and expand combos.

Merge Cats has many additional features like Speed, Super Cat Manager, Lucky Spins and Capsules.

Players can participate in tournaments. There are also automatic mergers, +70% lifetime income and more.


Is it good to be a cat? Does he pay?

Until January 2021, Merge Cats will no longer transfer crypto rewards to players’ Ethereum wallets.

I know this because the company responded to a Google Play post saying that they would fix it if they switched to

I tried withdrawing money but still nothing in my crypto wallet and the LIS remains in my crypto seoul account.

This is another person who played Merge Cat for a week and never got a prize.

He asked the company if players could withdraw and said they would not withdraw until the blockchain was open.



Merge cats is the best game for your free time. However, as the hatch could not be opened, the players were not paid. As the company said!

Unfortunately, many people buy expensive and upgraded products to monetize their virtual currency.

In my opinion, the company should not stop promoting Merge Cats as an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency or sell products to players. At least until you can exchange money!

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