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Shoebycartz Reviews {June} Is This Website Legit Or A Scam?

Shoebycartz Reviews

This article was reviewed by the Shoebycartz website.

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Today I want to open one of Shoebycartz’s e-commerce sites. This site offers affordable, high-quality official footwear around the world, including the United States. Also, shoes are an important part of any look as they reflect your style standards. That’s why people spend thousands of dollars on a single shoe.

But many doubt its authenticity. Read here in this Shoebycartz review for more information.

What is Shoebycartz?

According to the “About Us” website, the online shoe sales portal deals with official men’s shoes. This site focuses on high quality craftsmanship and creating unique products that set you apart from others. Also, this website was created on 12/26/21 to become a standalone shoe shop.

However, during our investigation, we found that there were no product images posted on the portal. Similarly, the home page at the bottom of the highlighted collection header contains four white spaces and a link to the “Product Model” link, along with a “$ 19.66” price tag that is not found in any of the boxes. .

Also, most sitelinks are discontinued. Therefore, many questions arise, such as Shoebycartz Legit or fraudulent sites.

What are Shoebycartz’s T & Cs?

The URL of the site is https://shoebycartz.com
The support email address is support@shoebycartz.com
Phone number +1 (336) 525-1495
Product – unspecified
Physical address – not available
Expected delivery time – within 5-10 days
The newsletter has been sent
Social media icons – not mentioned
Cost of transport – unspecified
Exchange and refund period – within 30 working days
Refund period – Within specific days (mentioned on the website)
Domain creation date – 12/26/2021
In fact, many people search the Internet for Shoebycartz reviews to ensure the site is authentic. So read on to find the answer.

What are the benefits of buying Shoebycartz?

Consumer data is protected on the portal thanks to SSL encryption.
A thirty day return and exchange policy is allowed.
The customer service phone number and email address are displayed on the website.

What are the disadvantages of buying Shoebycartz?

There are no product images on the official portal.
No business address provided.
Ratings and reviews are not available on this site.
The portal has many broken links.
The domain name has just been created.

Shoebycartz’s law?

In this section, readers from all over the world, including the United States, will get all their questions answered. Furthermore, the website does not contain any useful information that could help potential buyers find its authenticity. Furthermore, according to the analysis, the site appears to be fraudulent.

To learn more about the reports and technical parameter results, read below:

Social media links – Analysis shows that the page is not displayed on any social network portal.
Domain creation date – The website’s domain name was created on December 26, 2021, for two months only.

Customer Feedback – No Shoebycartz reviews and reviews will be posted on the official website.

Quality Content – There is no useful information on the site and the rest of the information posted has been copied.
Domain expiration date – The page domain expiration date is 26/22/22.
Address specificity – Physical address details are not published.
Placement Trust Index: Suspicious websites reached 27.6% of the trust list.
Alexa Rank – Alexa is listed at 4724744.
Confidence – The website has increased the distrust rate to 2%.

Shoebycartz Customer Service Review

Unfortunately, there are no comments on the website or its products on the internet and no comments or comments made on the website are guaranteed. So be careful when accessing this electronic customer portal.

To learn more about PayPal scams, read here.

Results of

In our opinion, this website is very suspicious because it has a lot of red flags. Also, according to the first page of the page, the official website that sells shoes, but there are still no product images posted on the portal.

Therefore, customers are advised to wait until some legal information is received. Read here to find out how to recover lost money with a credit card.

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