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Shayate Reviews {September} Check The Details Here!

Shayate Reviews

Shayate Reviews describes the Halloween themed online shopping site along with its technical basics to show its legal features.

Are you the type to throw a Halloween party? You might also prefer a red pumpkin dress on a pumpkin plate. Halloween is one of the most fun and exciting events that fills countries like the United States, Canada and many more.

The site then began selling pumpkin-themed clothing online. So people can love clothes, but at the same time, they also have to be careful. So here in this article we are talking about Shayat review.

Information about the site

Gensog is the name of Shayat’s online store. The site features beautiful Halloween themed costumes. Each piece of clothing has a story to draw the attention of buyers. Their main goal is to create a prince and princess for Halloween parties. Vampire models have captured the hearts of many.

Here is their entertaining collection.

Halloween party costumes such as hoodies, long-sleeve shirts, floral shirts, plaid jackets, long coats, skull lace dresses and leggings.
Halloween costumes (swing dress, lace dress, nude dress, halter dress)
Flat slippers
Clock cycles
Men’s clothes

Site details

Shayat is legal? The following website information will help you identify the key features of an internet shopping website.

Purchase link: https://shayate.com/

Email address: service@grateen.com
They did not provide us with phone numbers or contact information.
Social media activity. We couldn’t find any social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram, so this suggests that they were involved in social media activities.

Address details: Balmoral Industrial Estate, Abbey Lands, Navan Meath, C15dd72, Ireland
Exchange Policy. Politics is not the problem.
Payment options: Apple Pay, credit card and PayPal
User comments. Shayat reviews are not available for some of their products

Shipping Policy: Customers are asked to check the proposed shipping location before ordering and free shipping on orders over $200. Estimated delivery time is one to five days, but varies by location.

Return Policy Customers can return products, but must return them within 14 days of receipt.
Refund Policy. The money will be returned to the customer within a week.
Privacy Policy. The details of their privacy policy are governed by gootingo in accordance with state law.
Shayate reviews are not available and should continue to be respected as this website makes some mistakes in the content of the website.

Optimistic facts

The site sells the most creative and trendy Halloween themed items.
Free shipping is available on purchases of $1,000 or more.
There are no prerequisites. We look at a few combinations and it seems probable.

Pessimistic facts

The site showed different store names in their policies. This indicates that they copied the name from another site.
There are many grammatical and spelling mistakes that indicate unprofessionalism.
There was no list of owners.

Assessment of legality

Shayat is legal? These technical requirements should be checked before purchasing any product online to find the hidden page of the website.

Domain age. Since the domain was created on May 12, 2022, the domain is four months old.
Domain validity period. The domain will expire on May 12, 2023, which is a short domain life.
confidence score. The worst estimate is 2%.
Content originality with only 20% spelling and grammar errors
Legal name: namesilo, LLC
Global Alexa Rank: 9465104
Data protection. They developed the site using the HTTPS protocol.
User Opt-Out. There is no denial for Shayati
Lost data. Contact number:
The theft rate is about 80%.
SEO score: 69
Company name: Fadel Bit Ltd.

Summary of customer information

The site failed to gain the trust of users. The site showed information about the person who bought the products, but we couldn’t see customer reviews or product ratings.

They list individual items as best sellers, but even the best sellers have no ratings or opinions. So it may not be legal. People can learn more about credit card fraud tips in this article.

Last order

Shayate Reviews revealed the true face of the country. This site does not appear to be legit because they copied most of their content from the internet. It has a very low trust index and its parent address information is linked to many unauthorized websites.

So the place looked suspicious. People need to know this. Readers can also check PayPal’s online fraud manual. Visit to learn more.

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