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shaquille robinson story

Shankara Robinson’s death and family conflict

According to his autopsy report, Robinson was found dead in his bedroom in San Jose del Cabo on October 29, although initial police reports indicated that the incident occurred that day. The lines are different.

A doctor at the park where Robinson was staying warned the guest that he was “clearly drunk” around 2 p.m. But none of his friends went. He later died of a heart attack, police said.

However, according to the autopsy report, the paramedics who were working in the hospital arrived at around 3 am and confirmed that he died as a result of the injuries he received on his back and neck. Mexican prosecutors said the death was not accidental, but a direct attack.
The FBI has launched an investigation.

A month after Robinson’s death, Mexican prosecutors requested the suspect’s extradition, and his office at the FBI’s Charlotte Field office launched an investigation.

His death is being investigated on October 29 at his FBI office in Charlotte. In 2022, Shangera Robinson, a resident of Charlotte, died in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. “There is no further information pending the investigation,” Charlotte’s supervisor said.

Sangira Robinson’s death: Prosecutors say a murder warrant has been issued.

An arrest warrant was issued Wednesday in connection with the death of 25-year-old American Sangera Robinson, according to local prosecutors.
“The case is closed and an arrest warrant has been issued for the woman who beat her boyfriend and the suspect. Seeking warning and extradition to the United States. ‘We are killing two Americans, the victim and the perpetrator.’

The video shows Robinson beating his friend.

A video posted online after his death shows the man abusing Robinson. The man threw him to the ground and punched him on the body and head. “Should we fight?” said one of the listeners. Robinson’s father confirmed to the Times that his daughter was targeted in the video: “She’s not an activist, she doesn’t believe in drama.” Yes.

An arrest warrant was issued for Robinson’s friend.

In November, the Attorney General of Baja California, Daniel de la Rosa, told reporters that Robinson’s death was “clearly an act of violence” and ruled it a homicide, which Rosa said she believed was Robinson’s boyfriend. he committed the crime.

Federal prosecutors ignored Robinson’s death.

Nearly six months after Robinson’s death, the U.S. Department of Justice plans to drop the charges after a “thorough” review of the evidence, including an autopsy. The ministry has contacted Robinson’s family about the information and said it “stands ready to review and investigate any new information that comes to light”.

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