Scrolling Text Time Waster (May-2022) Know The Updated Info!

Scrolling Text Time Waster

This post is related to the details of Scrolling Text Time Waster to make the readers feel unique and interesting online.

Are you tired of your everyday life? Do you want to have fun in your free time? But some just for the sake of time. It can also attract children. Most viewers around the world usually search the internet for something fun and entertaining. Some of them are wise while others can make you laugh or learn something funny. So, let’s see some details about wasting time scrolling through in the next post.

Is Patorjk a waste of time?

Patorjk is an online platform that offers various features to help users enjoy their time and achieve useful things. One of Patorjk’s proposed projects is the Scrolling Time Waster website. There is text that changes color and shape and moves differently as you drive.

To search for free space, scroll to the bottom of the webpage you want to search. You can enter any text in the field and click Next. Again! Tell me! Inquiry. As a result, you can change the color, movement, size, and appearance of text written in Scroll Text Time Waster. It is a fun activity for users who want to enjoy and enjoy the internet.

Is Patorjk a safe platform?

Domain Information – The Patorjk domain was created on January 26, 1999. Her domain is, she is 23 years and 66 days old.
Trust Trust: Patorjk’s trust score is 100
Rating: Patorjk’s level is 62.6/100, which is good.
Social Media Profiles: Instagram, Blog, Github, Twitter, Flicker, and 500px.
You can check out Patorjk’s details while trying to do some fun things, even though the site has gained reputation and popularity points.

Text to copy:

By rotating the text time, you can write Spanish text like “Te amo” and “Te Amo”. So when you enter Te Amon it starts changing colors and pleases several users with left to right changes and colors.

More about Patorjk:

Patorjk also offers several games including the most searched ones: Scrolling Text Time Waster, Slider, Puzzles, 179 Ways to Annoy People and Arial ASCII Art. There are also many visualizations, such as space dust, a food calculator, a board game, and the IT content . Its round text is one of the most used by users.

The official Patorjki portal has the following programs:

It’s been years since I’ve watched Youtube
Social media presentation
Enter the speedtest text in the ASCII art generator
text color frame
Old school game filters
Keyboard layout analyzer
gradient image generator etc.


Patorjk, a 23 year old web platform, offers many games, programs, bugs and graphics. Many users have been using Patorjk for several years and have received critical reviews. Many users are always involved in unique activities including Scrolling Text Time Waster

Read more about the Patorjk Tour. Did you research the text during Waster? Write your experience in the comment box.

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