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Prohot Reviews {September} Read Its Legitimacy Here!

Prohot Reviews

This post is about Prohot store, products and reviews and whether to buy from this store.

Looking for different electronics? Looking for a long-awaited TV, gadget or game console? The online site that we will discuss today has a variety of electronic products that can be purchased in its store and can give a modern professional look to their home. Americans search the web every day to find their favorite products at the best deals. We will introduce Prohot Reviews to customers.

From Prohot

Prohot is an online site with various electronics such as cameras, LED TVs, outdoor cameras, kitchen appliances and much more. These home improvement products are essential to overall designs and give homes a modern and fresh look. For gamers, this website is a godsend as it has a wide variety of gaming content. This website requires fast and free shipping.


Domain name date – the date when the store was created is not mentioned anywhere on the site.
URL- https://prohot.store/ https://prohot.store
Social Media Platform- We have seen almost no website that can answer Is Prohot Legit.
Address Details- 116 Mile End Rd, Stepney Green, London E1 4UN, United Kingdom.

Payment processing – payment is processed by credit card and PayPal.

Refund plans – we have accepted 30-day refund policy guidelines.
Payment schedules – the dates when payments will be processed are not specified.
Email id-contact@hotbav.shop
Delivery and shipping times – items are expected to be delivered between 5 and 10 working days.

The dominance of the website

Prohot is an online store with a wide selection of electronics.
The store claims to sell genuine items so you can easily buy them.

Drawbacks based on Prohot Reviews

Prohot received a terrible trust score, indicating a lack of customer trust in the website.
It is strange that the domain name is not mentioned on the site and we do not know when the store was created.

The address provided does not refer to an online store

Is Prohot a well-established online e-commerce store?

Prohot has all the resources at his disposal to renovate his house. But the real question is whether the store is real. For this purpose, we try to compile Prohot Reviews so that customers have a brief idea of ​​what the online store sells.

Domain year – The site’s domain year is unknown and nowhere to be found.
Confidence interval – we found that the confidence index is one percent.

Alexa Rank – The Alexa website is ranked 6680922.

Incorrect items found – the items in this store were incorrect, but we cannot comment on their authenticity.
Address verification – the address information provided has nothing to do with the online store; therefore, we do not consider them as legitimate details.
Where is it on social media – We have no information about any Instagram or Facebook pages that can answer doubts about IsProhot Legit.
Owner information – the website does not provide direct information about the owner.
Unreal Discounts – Discounts are not allowed on any of the products sold on this website.
Reviews – Shockingly, this store received more than one review from customers.

Consumer opinion

The store has many products and customers, but we noticed that it did not attract their attention. We have no idea whether the products sold are genuine or not because there are no mentions of online customer reviews anywhere. In this case, we were unable to compile Prohot reviews, but when we receive future product reviews, we’ll be sure to update this post.

In the meantime, those unfamiliar with the Electric Fly Screen and its uses can read about it here and see how to get a full PayPal refund to avoid these stores.

The finish line

We will end this article by saying that the site missed an opportunity and does not look like a legitimate site and you should not buy anything from this store. Rather, people should trust the right stores and buy what these sites require. No comment has been received for Prohot. What do you think of this website? Comment below, see here how to get a credit card refund.

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