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Wife of Polito Vega

Boriso Vega is married and has two children. Polito Vega married Judith Vega. The couple dated for several years and then got married. Polito Vega’s wife, Judith de Vega, died a few months ago on August 8, 2022.
Polito Vega’s wife, Judith De Vega, has been battling cancer for 15 years as of 2022.

Mourning the death of Polito Vega

Polito Vega died on March 9, 2023 in New York at the age of 84. The news was broadcast this morning by La Mega 97.9 radio station in Puerto Rico, which sells salsas and meringues. , Bahata, Suter, and his young talent.
After his death, his colleagues and other prominent figures paid tribute to him.

Who is Polito Vega? work with young people

Polito his Vega joined a popular radio station in Puerto Rico in 1955 when he was 17 years old and began his career as a radio announcer.
Polito worked in the radio industry as a radio host for 55 years, promoting Latin American sounds from merengue to reggaeton on Spanish-language radio in the United States.

Vega is a New York radio his group, sponsored by Gerry Masucci, where he has performed “Salsa” on WVNX 1380 and has appeared on several US releases on Fanya Records.
Boletto Vero wrote the text for Bolero.

Biography of Polito Vega

Hipolito Vega Torres was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and moved to New York in 1959. His first radio show was Fiesta His Time in the 1960s. He organized his life with the help of Julio Cesar Kaban.
Polito Vega career record

Polito Vega has worked in the radio field for over 55 years. Polito Vega Work Mega 97.9 FM The Polito Vega Show is produced by JVN Radio King and Sony J&N Records.
Polito has worked with famous stars such as Frank Reyes, Tono Rosario and Sergio Vargas in Los Sabros del Merengue.
The Porto brothers Rosario and Vega, Fernando Leverrion and Alex Ruth Rosendo received $400 and $2 million.

Worst Moment About Speed

Polito Vega was born on August 3, 1938 in Ponce Playa or La Playa de Ponce, Puerto Rico.
Polito Vega says he will be 84 in 2023. In 1959, Polito Vega moved to New York to begin his radio career, and he has been an American citizen ever since.

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