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Plibean Reviews {Sep 2022} Is This A Legitimate Site?

Plibean Reviews

This guide shares detailed information about online shopping and referendum reviews to help consumers make the right choice online.

Do you want to look stylish and modern with the latest clothing collection? Are you looking for an online store?

The site offers the latest in fashion, clothing and accessories for women and children, including dresses, bags and dresses. The store has beautiful contemporary clothing, long skirts, women’s clothing and designer children’s clothing. The store is located in the United States and offers services worldwide. But consumers should check plebeian reviews online before buying.

What is a plebeian?

Plibean.com is an online store that sells clothing, apparel, bags and children’s clothing. The store specializes in fashionable clothes and accessories for girls and women. This site contains the latest designs and fashion accessories.

The store claims free shipping on all orders and is available in the US. On this site you can find all fashionable clothes at very low prices. However, some consumers do not want to shop in stores. They scour the internet for reviews to see if Plebian is legit or a scam.

Special Information

  • Website – https://plibean.com/
  • Fashion – fashionable clothes, accessories
  • Payment – Payment by PayPal and credit card.
  • Email ID – plibean@outlook.com
  • Phone number – +1 689 247-8616
  • Address – 74th Street Unit 1, Chicago, IL, 60619, USA
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  • Age on field – one year 56 days, recorded on July 12,
  • Transporting Information – Orders are sent in no less than 72 hours of installment. All items are conveyed from stock and the conveyance time is 10-22 days. Orders are conveyed for nothing.
  • Returns and Refunds – The store offers a 30-day return and refund policy on all orders, according to Plebian
  • Review. Customers can return the goods within 30 days of delivery, and the money will only be returned after the returned product has been inspected.
  • Social media logo – not found.

Pros of Plibean

  • Clothes and accessories for women and children.
  • New bags and clothes
  • Discount on all orders
  • Free shipping and free returns

Cons of Plibean 

  • The site has no social media pages
  • Proprietary information is not shared on the site.
  • The details are confusing.

Is Plib legit or a scam?

Online buyers should check the legitimacy of the transaction as this will help them stay safe and avoid unnecessary scams. So, for the fun of Plibean.com, it is important to mention some of the things we have shared below.

  • The website was launched a year ago on July 12th
  • This site has a low trust score of 1% and a trust score of 47.4%, making it very low. Check and research before you buy from the store.
  • The site received many plebeian comments, mostly negative. So don’t trust the store.
  • This site does not share the owner’s name or other sensitive information. The usual address is for other companies.
  • There are no social media icons on the site; So they don’t work on social media.
  • The information spread on the website is misleading and we found it repeated on the website.

Due to these factors, the website cannot be endorsed or considered legitimate. Consumers are encouraged to do more research before purchasing from the store to avoid unnecessary scams.

User information

After checking, we got a lot of plebeian feedback from users and most of the customers said it was a scam. People say that after ordering and paying for the goods, we have not received them and the store is not responding.

Customers report that after calling this number, it goes to voicemail and there is no answer. Another customer said their PayPal account had been charged and the item was not delivered. So this is a scam. Therefore, consumers are encouraged to do their research before purchasing. Also read our online guide to reporting PayPal fraud.


Plibean.com is an online store for fashion and accessories. However, many negative reviews about Plibian make it a scam. Therefore, consumers are advised to do their research before making any purchases to avoid unnecessary scams. Please read and understand the points to avoid credit card fraud.

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