Periksa Data .com {September 2022} Know The Reviews Now!

Periksa Data .com

This article is to provide information about Periksa Data .com and whether it is legal or not. So stay with us and do thorough research.

Have you heard of Perixa Data? Getting your information online is not easy these days. And many people say that everything on the Internet is wrong. Indonesians are having some problems with some scammers leaking their information and the Periskas website will help them. To find out if Periksha website is legitimate, our readers will provide information about Periksha and analyze whether this website is good or not.

What is Perixa

Perixa is a website in Indonesia. Perixa is derived from the word government. The site claims to help people by providing services. The tool helps users find out if someone is using their personal information. This website is perfect for those who are facing problems due to data theft. Parixa is a non-profit organization, but it also has a volunteer platform where you can volunteer to help others. Stay with us to find out more about the site.

Persicada Information Comm Bpjs

As already mentioned, Indonesia has faced challenges due to inadequate data security. Experts also said the breach of the BPJ data showed the poor security situation in Indonesia. Fraudsters are believed to have stolen and sold the data of 200 million people. But when Perixa comes to rescue.

The Perixa website adds BPJ, NIK and Name group to its privacy policy. The site also collects contact numbers, full addresses and emails. Also, all Indonesians who have been in Indonesia for 6 months are eligible for BPJS.

Is Perixa legal?

Many websites claim to be able to solve people’s problems, but they don’t. So here we will discuss whether Perixaca’s claims work or this website is a fake website.

The actual life of the Periscasa database is 2 years.It has a positive reliability index of 60% and a reliability of 92/100. There are no negatives found on the official website and Perixa has a presence on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. Perixa also provides safe and secure protection, making Perixa manageable and safe to use.

Reviews of Periksa Data com Bpjs

As mentioned earlier, BPJ is also part of the PERICSA network. The Perixa website has helped many Indonesians facing data security challenges. People give good credibility to the website and say that Perixa is a reliable website.


This article is about information about the Perixa website and whether or not this website is genuine. It also provides information on BPJs. Read on if you want to know more about BpJs.

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