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Ownlucks Reviews (June) Is The Website Legit Or Not?

Ownlucks Reviews

This article contains valuable reviews of Ownlucks for the e-shop that offers winter clothing and apparel.

Do you want to shop for Christmas or are you looking for an online clothing store? If so, read us below in this review post.

Christmas is near and it is time to make holiday and holiday plans. So, if you are planning to go out during this holiday season, you will definitely need warm and cozy wool. People can also find a good collection of winter clothes in Ownluck stores, such as hoods, socks, sweatshirts, etc.

But it is essential to first consider the credibility of the site in these Ownlucks reviews.

What are Ownlucks?

According to the Ownlucks website for us, the website has long been dedicated to fashion and has many years of professional experience in the industry. The site deals with winter clothes and claims that it is available at affordable prices.

In addition, you will find pre-sale and after-sales services on the website. In addition, the site claims to offer exclusively designed fashion items with an emphasis on detail at affordable prices.

However, the website also claims to have a good collection of clothes and other related items such as jerseys, T-shirts, pants, socks, T-shirts and hoods with the US flag and so on. Also, people can enjoy many savings offers on the website.

Despite the special offers and the good collection, the website was recently introduced for this e-marketplace and the above offers can be a tactic for building a customer base. We discover the reality of the site and find out Is Ownlucks Legit or fraud.

What are the terms of Ownlucks?

Official link to the online store – https://www.ownlucks.com
Date of issuance of the domain name – 21/10/2021
Icons posted on social networks
Newsletter – quoted
Email address info@ownlucks.com
Office address – not specified
Contact number – not available
Free shipping on shipments over $ 79
Delivery time – 8-15 days
Validity of return of the item – up to 30 days
Repayment period – not specified
Payment method: PayPal, MasterCard, Discover, Visa and more.
Products – winter clothing
Before placing your order on the website, you should read these Ownlucks reviews.

Make a list of the right places on the website

The site is encrypted with SSL.
Customers will receive free shipping on orders over $ 79.
A complete collection of woolen clothes is available on the website.
There are many offers available on the site.

List of injustices on the site

The website is missing contact information.
The mentioned links on the social networks do not work.
Customer feedback is not published on the website.

Are their own fortunes legal?

These days it is very useful to find a reputable shopping website because there are many dubious sites registered online to achieve their fraudulent goals. Also, in this section, people come across parameters that will help them explore the real goals of the site.

Pay attention to the checkpoints listed below.

Date of publication of the domain name – the details state that the domain of the site was created on 21.10.2021.
Domain name expiration date – The domain name of the Ownlucks store expires after 21.10.2022.
Social media links – Unfortunately, the website does not exist on social media platforms and the mentioned links have no value.
Customer Comments: Unfortunately, the website does not mention Ownlucks comments about it.
Alexa Rank: 2119547 is an internet traffic ranking.
Unrealistic offer: Customers will enjoy many benefits of the site.
Trust Rating: Smart software has a low level of trust detection, which is 4.7 / 100.
Trust rating – In the analysis, the trust rating of the website is 2%.
Address Originality – There is no company address information on the Website.
Content quality: the site contains content and data of medium to low quality.

What are Ownlucks customer ratings?

We have done all the research for customer reviews. Also, no place for comments has been found yet. Customer comments are not available on the Internet and are not available on the official portal.

As such, the site received no customer feedback.

Read here: if you want to report fraud via PayPal.

The final decision

The fact is that the site claims to have a good collection of winter clothes. At the same time, it is true that the site has just been registered. Therefore, the authenticity of the website is still in doubt.

Looking back, we encourage people to wait until some honest Ownlucks reviews arrive. If you would like to apply for a credit card refund, read here for instructions.

Have you ever shopped from this site? Please share your experience with us in this review.

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