NoPixel Application Guide {May 2022} Guess With Hints Here!

NoPixel Application Guide

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 Roleplay was finally back, and this time it caught the attention of several well-known Twitch streamers, including XQC, Sodapoppin, and HasanAbi. The only reason GTA 5 RP is making noise in 2022 is that it has a new update called NoPixel 3.0.

Since the release of NoPixel 3.0, thousands of fans have had trouble joining NoPixel and getting their NoPixel app approved within days. If you’re also having trouble getting your NoPixel application approved, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here.

What is NoPixel?

NoPixel is a new GTA 5 RP server that allows players to take on a fictional role and interact with other role players. Since everyone wants to play a fictional role, it became an instant hit. Most players who like NoPixel are Twitch streamers.

There’s no denying that NoPixel is one of the most popular GTA RP servers of 2022. That could be one of the reasons why people have to wait for their NoPixel application to be approved. The first and most important condition for approving your application is that the server administrator whitelists your account.

This very popular server can accommodate almost 250 players at a time, but there are always people waiting to get on board.

How to join NoPixel 3.0

To apply for NoPixel, you need to visit the official website and register on the NoPixel forum. After applying, you must wait to receive a message informing you that your request has been approved.
Once approved, you need to fill out the actual whitelist application to officially join the NoPixel server. The whitelist app has numerous questions about the player and their roleplaying experience and plan to take on the server. So make sure you complete the request smartly as the server admin will scrutinize it closely.

Just like other players, there is a chance that your NoPixel app will be rejected if you don’t take this whitelisted app seriously. If you are having trouble filling out the form, I advise you to hire an author to fill it out correctly.
Form requires you to make a small donation to NoPixel, which must be greater than $15. Once you have contributed to NoPixel, you will be given access to the forum donor badge along with the application form.

What are the NoPixel app questions?

No specific questions are asked in the NoPixel app. Yes, the questions vary from time to time.

Is NoPixel on FiveM?

Yes, according to reports, the NoPixel server is hosted by FiveM, a third-party system that modifies GTA 5 and allows the creation of custom online multiplayer servers used primarily for role-playing games.

Who owns NoPixel?

The owner of NoPixel is called Koil and he is an Australian Twitch streamer. He is also the main developer of this server.

How big is the NoPixel server?

As of February 2022, NoPixel has the potential to host up to 250 players simultaneously. Previously, it only housed 32 players.

That’s all you need to know about NoPixel.

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