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New Viral Scandal Video

He has shared on Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram and YouTube.

You may have heard about the “4 Save the Girls” video going viral. Not only in the Philippines but people all over the world are wondering why this video went viral.

Worst video ever.

The inappropriate video shows four women posing inappropriately and ambiguously for the camera, all clothed and smiling. He installed a special camera and knew how to reprogram it. But they make dirty and inappropriate videos.

What happens when a video goes viral on Twitter?

When videos of girls appear on social networks. It attracted a lot of attention and spread quickly. It’s an app that extracts videos from tweets, but some people ask for links in the comments.
However, his videos are available on Twitter and can be viewed by people of all ages. This makes things worse for younger users.

Do you have youtube videos of these 4 women?

No, this video didn’t go viral because of its content and recommendations. However, there are many YouTube videos and how-to guides.

Share video on Telegram.

Telegraph is a platform that publishes such videos without any restrictions or age limits. I gave the channel link to that girl and showed her the video.

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