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Neckly Reviews (May-2022) Recent Updates To Check!

Neckly Reviews

This guide is a detailed analysis of Neckly Reviews. Please make sure of the legality before buying the product online.

Do you suffer from neck pain? Do you want to get rid of neck pain? In recent days, most people have been suffering from severe neck pain due to work pressure. Necklystore introduced massage therapy at home to get rid of neck pain.

People living in the United States started using the Neckly massager and got good results. They are also distressed by neck pain. Please read the guide in its entirety to learn more about it. This guide will provide you with Neckly reviews whether Necklystore is a legit site or spam.

About the Neckly product

Necklystore is an online smart neck massager sales website. Neckly was truly designed with your neck in mind, providing a great massage right at the source of your pain. You may love massage therapy and enjoy it at home.

The massager is a simple, effective and portable device. The neck massager is rechargeable so you can use it anywhere in your home. Also, you can use the product in your office and on vacation.

Let’s see more about the honesty and reviews of the site Is Neckly Legit?

Domain Type: Online Ecommerce Website
Item Type: Smart Neck Massager
Domain URL: https://necklystore.com/
Domain Creation Date: Website created on July 30, 2021 (less than a year)
Product cost: Product cost is in USD, AUD, CAD, GBP, EUR and JPY
Email ID: support@necklystore.com
Contact address: The official address is not available.
Phone number: The contact number is not available.
Shipping terms: 2 – 8 days and 3 days during peak periods.
Product tracking: tracking function available
Product delivery: Free shipping and delivery on all orders.
Cancellation Policy: Product cancellation is acceptable.

Return Policy: 7 days return policy, product exchange in 100% good condition. Read on for Neckly reviews.

Payment Transactions: Payments are accepted with all major cards including American Express, Apple Pay, Diners Club, Discover, Facebook Pay, JCB, Shop Pay, Visa, G Pay and Master Card.
Now let us see more positive and negative features of necklystore.com website.

positive highlights

It has been secured and protected with an HTTPS connection.
This website offers an attractive discount on the product.

This website offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.
Social media links are available.

Negative aspects:

The contact address is not available on the website.
The contact number is not available.
The site is not popular.
Online reviews are not available on trusted websites.
Is Neckly legit?
The following section indicates the reliability of the website.

Domain Age: Newly launched domain that is less than a year old.
Access to social networks: All social network links are available.

Confidence score: it only has a 2% of the trustworthy point, trustworthy.

Alexa Ranking: Has reached #3132104 on the Alexa Ranking and #2911508.
Contact address: Not listed on the official website.
Legitimacy of the email ID: the email ID is displayed on the website.
Is the domain link secure? You have a protected HTTPS data connection.
Domain content individuality: No Plagges data found on the website.
Data of the domain owner: The name of the owner is not available on the website.
Neckly Customer Reviews – Negative Reviews Found Online
Return policy: You have 7 days to return the product in good condition
Exchange and Return Policy: The Necklystore website offers 7-day returns and exchanges for products that are in good condition.

More customer reviews

The site has negative reviews about the product and customer service. The site has not received any positive customer feedback from any reliable online site. The site is not popular. The Necklystore website has all the social media connections. And the links are available on the official website to reach the customer universally.

Neckly Reviews for the newly launched smart neck massager online sales website. And it’s not buttoned everywhere. Then navigate to Get PayPal Scamming Money here.


The Necklystore.com website was launched a few months ago and has not been successful everywhere either. The website does not have good reviews from customers.

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