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Mymodstyle Reviews May-2022) Is This A Legitimate Website?

Mymodstyle Reviews

Are you looking for an online shop for casual clothing? If yes, then you can refer to the following article, Mymodstyle Reviews.

Are you looking for an e-commerce site that mainly deals with men’s clothing? If yes, then you are not on the wrong page. In this article, you will learn more about such a website, its pros and cons, and its legitimacy.

The name of the website this article is based on is Mymodstyle and this is a store that mainly deals in men’s clothing. Mymodstyle will ship your order anywhere including the United States. So let’s get started with our Mymodstyle Reviews article.

What is Mymodstyle?

Mymodstyle is an online platform that mainly offers you different clothing for men. The products available at Mymodstyle are t-shirts, retro style t-shirts, knitwear and many more types of clothing. Mymodstyle has a special facility for its customers, which is that the customers can chat and solve their questions on the website.

They have a chat hellbox available on the site. So are you planning to buy a Mymodstyle t-shirt to wear or give to someone? If yes, then don’t do it now. First, let’s analyze whether Mymodstyle is legit.

Mymodstyle specifications

Domain Age: The date the e-commerce platform Mymodstyle was launched on the web is 11/25/2021. The data shows that Mymodstyle spent about six months on the internet.
Shipping Policy – The maximum time for your order is 4 to 25 business days.

Return and Refund Policy: Your order can be returned within 30 days.

Newsletter – The newsletter function for customers is provided on Mymodstyle.
Social Media Connections: Facebook and Instagram are the two social media platforms where Mymodstyle is available.
Payment Methods: PayPal, credit card and debit card are the payment methods available on Mymodstyle.
Customer Reviews: Mymodstyle customer reviews are available on the e-commerce site.

Available Products – The products available at Mymodstyle are t-shirts, retro style t-shirts, knitwear and many more types of clothing.

Company Address: The business address listed on Mymodstyle is Jinghui Street, Guangzhou.
Contact number: The contact number listed on Mymodstyle is 18620445771.
URL Link: Mymodstyle’s URL link is https://www.mymodstyle.com
Email Address – The email address listed on Mymodstyle is support@mymodstyle.com

Advantages of Mymodstyle

The Mymodstyle website is protected by HTTPS.
None of the blacklisted engines failed to recognize Mymodstyle.
Mymodstyle user reviews are available on the site.

Mymodstyle is available on social media so customers can try it there.

E-mail address, contact number, company address Mymodstyle provides all this necessary information.

Disadvantages of Mymodstyle

According to online sources, Mymodstyle market rankings are not up to date.
Mymodstyle has the same user interface as some of the suspicious websites, which may indicate that the website is fraudulent.
Mymodstyle provided the business address, but what’s the use if the address is taken from somewhere else?

Is mymodstyle legit

Owner information: Information about the owner is not provided on Mymodstyle.
Originality of the address: the address given in mymodstyle is not true.
Confidence Interval: Only 1% is Mymodstyle’s confidence interval.
Trust score: 39.5 out of 100 is Mymodstyle’s trust score.
Social Media Connections: Mymodstyle is connected to Facebook and Instagram on social media.
Guidelines: Mymodstyle offers guidelines.
Unrealistic Discounts – Unrealistic discounts are not available on Mymodstyle.
Domain age: The founding date of the e-commerce platform Mymodstyle is 11/25/2021.
Expiry date: The expiry date of Mymodstyle is 11/25/2022.
Content quality: The quality of the content of the Mymodstyle page is plagiarized.

Customer Reviews Mymodstyle

As we read in the specifications part, there are reviews of Mymodstyle on the site itself. But the number of available reviews is very small. First of all, ratings are not available for all products.

Secondly, for products that have reviews available, the number of reviews is only one and two that are disregarded, and these reviews are also negative. Mymodstyle is available on social media, facebook and instagram but no reviews are available. Here’s everything you need to know about PayPal fraud.

The Final Result

Based on our investigation in the previous article, Mymodstyle Reviews, it is clear that Mymodstyle website is suspicious; That means you have to think before you buy any product from Mymodstyle.

You are suspicious because of your customer reviews, you have mentioned fake addresses on your page and the available reviews are negative. More information about the Chicken T-Shirt. You’ll also learn how to prevent credit card fraud.

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