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Mood to Merge App Review – Is it Legit or Fake? Does it Pay?

Mood to Merge App Review

Welcome to our Mood to Merge app review!

Mood to Merge is a match-3 game that allows players to earn money directly from their PayPal account.

With video ads, you have the chance to win hundreds of dollars by matching emojis.

I am satisfied and would like to complete the payment as soon as possible. But at the same time, you don’t want to fall on your face.

So here’s what you’re wondering: Are mood swings legal? Should I pay or not? We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the game below, so read on!


I need a good review

Title: Stay Together
Producer: Ridiculous Mission
Service: Worldwide
Payment limit: $300
Total: 1/5

What about joint ventures?

Mood to Merge is a puzzle game created by individuals and companies in Shanghai, China.

The organization calls itself “Gaming Flagship,” but its privacy policy page has no details other than a business address and email address.

The developers are also learning about other popular games like Merge Emoji and Block Legend.

Nothing else interferes. The game breaks candies, but instead of matching candies, players match characters and spells.

Many competitors like Google Play are trying to make it big so that users can earn money, even iPhones.


How does this relationship work?

Merge Mood is available on Google Play for people of all backgrounds.

Start the game and press the share button to get an extra check of $10.

Continue playing to see all wins. For example, he wins $100 on the 7th day.

Swipe to copy the cartoon and match at least 3 emojis. Align the cardboard and they merge into a perfect spell.

I have to put the game together
Merge Mood gives you virtual PayPal rewards every time you complete a merge.

If you are borrowing money for the first time, you can click the “Send” button. However, you can earn the following bonuses after watching a video ad.

There are three tools you can use if you get stuck. For example, you can destroy someone with a spell or fire a knife at a satellite.

Do I need to collect the code?Money?

I can’t charge you without hard evidence, but I’m sure they won’t charge you.

This belief comes from my knowledge and experience testing hundreds of games over the past three years.

Mood to Merge’s goal is to watch as many ads as possible, so $300 is hard to beat.

But two things usually happen in these games. Virtual Dollars stop when you reach $300 or ignore the requirement.

Mood to Merge allows you to earn money and “win”, but the money is not transferred to your PayPal account. This is dangerous!

The Mood for Merge developer also launched early, so users won’t be able to download the latest content from Google Play.

So I had to watch video reviews on YouTube to see what the players had to say.

The player says it costs $450, but if he tries to spend $400, he has to see 150 ads. Unfortunately, the number of ads decreases after 100 video views. what is this


Don’t transfer or merge in hopes of making money with PayPal. Employees don’t have to pay, so they don’t want to pay anyone.

Virtual currency derived from games has no value and cannot be returned in payment.

In other words, editors can reject your lifestyle while cutting ad revenue.

These game developers from all over the world are not worth your time and hype. If you want to have fun, choose a plan with no cash incentives.

A real result

Thanks for reading Merge App Review. I hope this helps you.

So what do you think of this game? Are you waiting for payment? Let us know in the comments below!

Be free!

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