Maori Week Language 2022 {Update} What Does Te Reo Means?

Maori Week Language 2022

In this article we have listed all the details of Maori Language Week 2022.

What languages ​​do you communicate in? Did you know that a person who knows more than five languages ​​can be called a multilingual person? Language is truly a bridge between the people of the world. But English is still the most popular and common language used by millions of people.

Both New Zealand and Australia have large Maori-speaking populations. Read on to find out what Maori Language Week 2022 is all about.

What is Maori?

The Polynesians of New Zealand are Maori-speaking. According to the 2018 census, more than 700,000 people are classified as Maori in New Zealand, making it the second largest ethnic group in the world.

Maori Language Week, also known as Te Reo Maori and Te Reo, takes place every year during the 3rd week of September. Maori Language Week takes place this year from 12-18 November. The name of the project is Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori’.

More about Te Reo Maori Week

The state-backed initiative will revolve around educating the public about language revival, community use and learning. September 14 is known as Maori Language Day.

Through this initiative, New Zealanders were encouraged to actively use their Maori language. People are also encouraged to use and learn Maori and enjoy the rich heritage of Maori culture. Events are planned across the country to commemorate the week, especially for New Zealand. A very enjoyable week of Maori language in a Maori spirit for local Maori.

Maori History

Since 1987, under the Maori Language Act, Maori has become one of the two official languages ​​spoken by New Zealanders. English is a second language and is considered the dominant language.

Concerned about the decline of the Maori language in the early 1970s, many people petitioned Parliament on 14 September 1972. The day was eventually renamed Maori Language Day. The Maori Language Week exam and other events are also planned to be celebrated at the event. Additionally, a Maori version of Google was launched in 2008.

For Maori Week in 2015, the New Zealand national cricket team played under the name Aotearoa (another name for New Zealand). Moana was translated into Maori and screened in Auckland in 2017 to celebrate.

This year marks the start of Maori Language Week and we want you to have a great day speaking Maori. We saw a time when more than 1.1 million people spoke Maori at the same time. This event is called Koha Maori (Te Taura Whiri in Te Reo Maori).

Ultimate Choice

To adjust the week, the noteworthy festival of the Maori language and native Maori starts on 12 September. The day is commended with function. This special drive will empower individuals to comprehend and value Maori culture and language. Maori culture and the Maori language. Much thanks to you for your help. Public Maori Language Week. To peruse more data about Maori, utilize the Wikipedia interface:

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