Magic Dice App Review – Is It Website Or Not?

Magic Dice App Review

Welcome to the Magic Dice app review!

Combine Magic Dice and Neon Dice to win $100-$500.

The game is promoted as an easy way to collect and withdraw virtual currency through PayPal.

It’s all part of a strong marketing strategy that encourages players to watch more sponsored videos.

I was watching a video of a game called Magic Dice where each dice has a certain number.

In this trade, three identical dice will add the same amount to your bankroll.

Wondering if Magic Dice is a gimmick or a legit plan because you don’t want to be greedy? Is it worth it?

Read on and find out!


What is the magic mug?

Magic Dice is a fun match 3 puzzle game where players have to find dice with the same number. The drama never stops!

Designed by Honeylet Raquinio, this game resembles the world of dice.


How does the magic pot work?

Install Magic Play for free from the Google Play Store and click play to get started. No calculation is needed.

Can you afford the magic fee?

However you play, Magic Dice cannot transfer money to your PayPal account.


This is because there is no contract that obliges users to pay.

When you open the Terms of Service, you will see the following message: “Sorry, due to legal disputes over its content, this site has been removed.”

Also, the virtual currency that is “paid” to you is very high. So if the Creator wants to do it, he cannot give it back.

After 3 days I can email PayPal but I don’t get my money back.

Magic Dice is still in Early Access and users cannot comment on the Google Play Store.

So for a long time the developers don’t tell people what to do while playing the game.

It’s not fair because it looks like the game is over and it gives you a decent income.

I’ve seen countless games that use the same technique. Sadly it’s been months, but it’s still Early Access and people can’t talk about it.

Are there alternatives to magic pots?

Unfortunately, there are no games that send money to PayPal. I think all games that claim users can earn hundreds of dollars are fake.

When you play Magic Dice, you will see other apps in the video. Install it without reading any reviews.

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There is no clear evidence that Magic Cube is a scam. But there is no chance to make money.

Even without financial incentives, this game is challenging and addictive. Therefore, it is recommended for people who want to play occasionally.

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