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Kiki Time App Review

Welcome to the review of the Kiki Time app!

There are many apps on Google Play that allow users to monetize their phones.

The problem is that many of these fundraising efforts are in high demand.

Therefore, research is needed to ensure that these platforms are safe and effective.

I recently discovered KikiTime, a new social media app that allows users to share content and earn money.

It contains creative photography, travel, news, food and other items.

The app runs on iOS and Android devices and has been downloaded over 100,000 times on Google Play.

You can read Kiki’s time structure and how much you can earn.

The most important thing is to make sure that you use a program that does not waste your precious time.

In this review we explain everything you need to know about KikiTime and we give you an honest opinion.


What is the length of the key?

KikiTime is a blogging service where members write their own creative content and get reimbursed.

As an active member (Kicker) you can earn money based on the number of posts you post.

Platforms, travel, friends and family, news, food and more. We encourage you to write your own articles and ideas on various topics, such as:

Just like Instagram, you can post selfies and creative photos!


How does KikiTime work?

It should be noted that KikiTime is funded through advertising on every other social media platform.

For example, ads appear as banners or videos during searches.

Here, companies can charge customers for sharing content.

I say “probably” because, as we’ll see later, the company may not be making a profit.

How do I pay?

The worst thing about KikiTime is that the minimum deposit is very high at $75.

All proceeds are refundable
Once you reach $75, you can withdraw money from PayPal, Pioneer, Western Union, Google Play, Paytm, Easy Paysa or Bitcoin.

When you request payment, the Kiki team will review your account to make sure it meets your needs.

If your account is approved, payment is due on the 5th of the following month.


You paid the money

“KikiTime didn’t generate enough revenue in 2019 to pay for servers.” That’s what the manager said in the latest announcement.

So you are faced with an important decision.

You pay for the server or you pay for the user running your application.

So I decided to pay until the user pays in full.

Therefore, your payment will be deferred and there is no guarantee that you will pay $75.


It is included in the list

Kiki Time is a legit app, but the company is struggling to monetize it.

For this reason there are no guarantees.

I love the ability to share content and earn money, but the scoring system isn’t perfect.

The demand for the material is growing and will decrease significantly in the future.

This way the house can keep all the money.
In 2015, I took the first step and focused on a proven business model called Affiliate Marketing.

I’ve since created a very helpful website that explains all the costs.

My partner’s income from conversations, competitions, international travel is now 100%.

Save me from the financial crisis now!

We’re glad you’ve decided to put your time and energy into your online business.


The end of the world

Thanks for reading my review of KikiTime. Hope that helps!

If you have any questions or comments about Kiki, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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