Lucky Woody Puzzle App Review {Sep 2022} Explore Review!

Lucky Woody Puzzle App Review

Lucky Woody Puzzle is a classic block puzzle game where you can earn cryptocurrency for every high score.

You can make money with PayPal or Amazon gift cards when you have accumulated more than $100 in your account. The story is becoming more and more visible.

Great games are waiting for you where you can win $50, $100 and even $200.

Unfortunately, most app developers never pay, but instead of claiming they can’t win, they refuse to pay in various ways.

For example, errors may occur when you try to stop offering virtual currency, access your account, or give cash. They are very skilled! So, can you really make money with your lucky woody puzzle? Is this a scam or legit software?


How does the lucky woody puzzle work?

Lucky Woody Puzzle is ad supported so the app is completely free but the developers make money by showing unwanted video ads.

After you agree to the terms and conditions, you can play the game. Lucky Woody Puzzle consists of 10 x 10 sets of wooden cubes in various shapes and sizes.

Every time you win a group, you earn points proportional to its size. For example, if you sort 4 tree blocks, you get 4 points.

Also, when you fill a vertical or horizontal line with a tree, you can destroy an entire row or column for 12-19 points.

Unlike traditional Tetris games, you cannot rotate blocks. The game ends when no blocks can be placed on the grid.

Is Happy Woody Puzzle legal? Do you want to pay?

I can’t say Lucky Woody Puzzle is a scam without solid evidence, but based on my experience and many user reviews I wouldn’t take payment. It seems like everyone is having a hard time reaching $100 because the rewards are low.

This makes it almost impossible to earn $100 and you have to watch a lot of videos.

Even if they give you money, it doesn’t mean you get it. Just like any other app, you can ignore payment requests.

The terms and conditions state that the use of virtual currency is limited to the purchase of products and services in the online game provided by the customer, and not limited to the payment or purchase of physical items. So as far as I know you can never make money.

Playing Lucky Woody Puzzle will show hundreds of ads and make creators rich. pain in the neck!

good or bad

Games are worthwhile and help pass the time.
nice graphics.
It is free.


There are many advertisements.
Profits fall – not to $100.
You are more likely to get paid.


Don’t play for real money and don’t risk hitting your phone against the wall in Lucky Woody Puzzle. Your chances of getting a reward are slim and your only guarantee is watching a lot of videos!

The game itself isn’t bad so far. I like tetri style games to break the time, but the main drawback is the unusually large amount of ads.

In my opinion, Lucky Woody is a waste of time for those who want to make money online.

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