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Luckum Reviews {June 2022} Is This A Legit Seller Or A Scam?

Luckum Reviews

The article talks about Luckum’s review and gives detailed explanations to justify it.

Have they made online shopping easier? Now people don’t have to go to a physical store to buy something at the touch of a button. However, there are many online sites that offer such services.

This article focuses on a similar Luckum website that has become popular in the United States, Mexico and Australia. That’s why we present all the details of Luckum reviews to help our clients check whether the site is legitimate or fake.

What is Luckum?

Luckum is an online e-commerce website that claims to offer a variety of products from men’s and women’s shoes to clothing, phone cases and more. Prices range from $ 49.97 to $ 53.97, with free shipping over $ 69. Moreover, the platform was founded on March 19, 2019, 3 years ago.

However, due to the reasonable price and variety of procurements, it is necessary to check additional details to confirm whether Luckum is legitimate or fake. Keep reading the other sections and try to understand more.

Website description

Website: https://www2.luckum.com
Collections of goods: men’s clothing, women’s clothing, shoes, telephone booths and much more.
Contact number – no
Email ID: contact@luccum.com
Diaries – None
Contact address: none
Return Policy – Unused and Instructor Approved Items
Refund Period: A valid refund after the product has been returned and inspected

Delivery policy – Delivery time 1-2 weeks after the operation 1-3 days
Social Media – None
Learn more about Luckum
Payment methods: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, debit card
Free shipping starts at $ 69
Delivery time: processing time + delivery time

Benefits of Luckum database

The site has a good HTTP connection.
The site offers 10% discount on the purchase of the 2nd item, 15% discount on the 3rd item, 20% discount on the 4th item and 25% discount on the 5th item.
Free shipping on purchases over $ 69.

The price is reasonable.

Luckum has no website

No phone numbers or addresses listed
Community page not found
The refund process was not done properly
I don’t know about the website

Is happiness legal?

Due to the large number of websites, all websites must comply with legal requirements.

Domain age: The age of the domain was made on November 19, 2019, ie. 3 years ago
Links on social networks: No links on social networks
Customer reviews: Customer reviews are not online, but online
Liver quality – Average liver quality
Ownership Information: No ownership information
Symptoms: Mild symptoms
Confidence level: You have a confidence level of 31%.
Address: No address specified

Luckum reviews: What will customers say?

Customer reviews are shown as a way to help you understand the user experience and your opinion of a product or service. Here are some ideas for a website. Total rating of 5 stars. Also, the advice is often negative.

The buyer indicates that he has not received any order confirmation. On the other hand, another user claimed that it was a scam in which he did not receive a response from the site without a subscription service. Moreover, Luckum has other reviews in which users complain about the poor quality of the product and do not receive a refund for order cancellation.

Based on these signs, we can conclude that the location is suspicious and that further investigation is therefore needed. Have you ever been a victim of credit card fraud? Read here for more tips on credit cards and refunds.

The Final Conclusion

The average trust rating for a website is 31% and the platform has been around for a long time. But from the perspective of customers who call a fake website, you will lose money due to the cancellation of an existing product, purchase or contact information.

As Lukum points out, we come to the conclusion that ownership is under suspicion

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