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LostMyPass Review

LostmyPass review

This Lostmypass review covers various aspects of Lostmypass and helps you decide whether this new paid website is trustworthy or a scam.

Also, this Lostmypass review is not exhaustive, so we cannot be held responsible if something goes wrong for any reason in the future.

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Lost My Pass is an online password recovery program and the files it supports are encrypted documents, archives and other files. With LostmyPass you don’t need to install any software on your PC. Let do the work for you.

How does LostMyPass work?

To recover your password using, you can recover your password in three different ways.

Weak Password Recovery (Free):

Lostmypass has built a pretty good database of the most common (and therefore the weakest) passwords. This is a common password that has been chosen many times by different people to protect their personal information. The list above starts with “123456”, “password”, “qwerty”, “abc123”, etc. Contains over 3 million of the most common passwords. Often these passwords are used primarily because of user laziness and unwillingness to remember complex passwords. This makes the files very vulnerable to decryption attacks.

Secure Password Recovery (From $29)

If in one stage of the attack depends on a weaker stage, move to another stage and look up the password in the main database. The database contains more than 20 billion original passwords. Searching such large dictionaries takes longer (only 24 hours for encrypted files such as MS Office 2019 documents and 7z files) and is expensive.

Brute force with mask (prepaid service)

A 100% brute force attack works because it immediately searches for all possible variations.

Note, however, that the number of variations is very important, even for relatively short passwords.

For example, a 10 digit password has 60 trillion (60*1018) variations. This is a nearly impossible task for most supercomputers and wallets.

How to recover your password with Lostmypass

Lostmypass allows you to recover passwords for PDF, MS Office Word, MS Office Excel, MS Office Powerpoint, ZIP, etc.

Also, using lostmypass is very simple. Click this link to visit and download the file. After following the necessary steps, you have successfully recovered your password.

Is it safe to upload files to the website?

very! This site uses the secure HTTPS protocol which guarantees the confidentiality of the data sent. Downloaded files are encrypted and stored.

Does LostMyPass guarantee successful password recovery?
No, there is no 100% guarantee of success. However, according to our statistics, we can recover lost passwords 61% of the time. It’s a great result. Learn more about password recovery options.

If you make leather by violence, you can be sure that all variations of leather have been tested and all conditions met.

How long does the LostMypass password recovery process take?

In most cases, password recovery can take from a few minutes to 24 hours. For covert hardness, the time required depends on the total number of possible variations and is calculated separately.

The time it takes to recover a lost password can vary widely even for the same file format. For example, Word documents in MS Office 2003 are processed 100 times faster than similar documents created in MS Office 2019. With each new version, MS Office applies more complex encryption algorithms to encrypt files and make recovery more difficult. password. The same goes for file formats.

Is Lostmypass legit or a scam?

If you are going to use lostmypass, we recommend going for a powerful and heavyweight premium plan that guarantees 100% success.

With over 2000 ratings and 4.9 on Trustpilot, lostmypass is not a scam. Then use to recover your password.


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