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Lostloots Reviews (June) Is The Website Legit Or Not?

Lostloots Reviews

Do you recognize why and how the Lostloots survey helped us prevent fraud? Then study these scriptures to understand the reliable information on the site.

Do you want a vague or surprising box for your loved ones? Please check these terms to determine the authenticity of the website.

Surprise is something that everyone likes, especially when given on Holocaust Remembrance Day, for example. at birth, date of birth. But recently, we’ve seen significant visitors to the US, Canada, and the UK apply for sites that offer vague gifts. Yes, you heard it was a mysterious gift.

So let’s remember when we measured the true overview of Lostloots to reveal the true face of the portal.

Peeling Lostloots.com

According to the portal, the company works closely with various friends and family to meet customer needs. They also claimed that their products were very versatile and they chose this type of business because they just wanted to see a happy face.

Consumer satisfaction is their message when they treat them as friends. After researching, we understand that this portal sells secret boxes with high quality products, including clothes, books, etc.

Direction of location details

The official URL of the portal is https://lostloots.com.
To indicate whether Lostloots is legal or not, we have not found a refund policy.
com provides ambiguous boxes for users.
The postal address is lostlootshelp@gmail.com.
At this stage, they do not allow consumers to request refunds.
The warehouse is a 2100 dual-flow ride, Round Rock, Texas.
The amendment to the regulation was also withdrawn.
TikTok and Instagram icons available.
The publication of the portal will take 7 to 10 working days.
The phone number is not specified.
This page is 4 months and 25 days from the date the entry is 16-09-2021.
Lostloots reviews show that you can pay with a great debit and credit card via Lostloots.com.
They will ship the goods within 7-14 days.
The article had time.

What does the portal offer us?

The average confidence level (58.9 / 100) was recorded.
Warehouse and current email address.
We have seen the icons of social networks.
There are many customer perceptions.

Why did it fall?

A few key points are missing.
A confidence interval of 2% is observed.
Several negative reviews have been received on Trustpilot.
Telephone number.

Is Lostloots Legal?

To find out if a website is genuine or not, let’s look carefully at the following points:

Trust Score – The trust score is subtracted; 2%.
Domain Age – Website created in less than six months; therefore its registration date is 09/16/2021.
User Reviews – Consumer reviews are available on the portal. But on Trustpilot, users can incorrectly comment on the site with a score of 1.7. Even on Facebook, it garnered mixed comments from users. But no comments on his Instagram page.
Social Media Icons – Symbols are available.
Owner Name – Lostloots survey finds affected content missing.
Degree of Confidence – An average value of 58.9 was found.
Correct address – Another company on the list.
Alexa Rank – 3 001 366 is the Alexa Rank written by Lostloots.com.
Domain Blocked Date – The website is valid until 09/16/2022.
Authorization Rules – Do not refund, return or exchange purchases.

What do consumers think?

While searching, we came across a compliment on the page. But our research led to their review on Trustpilot, with 91% of consumers flagged as unreliable. Many Lostloots customer reviews indicated that they did not receive the item. Furthermore, some customers have concluded this as a scam. Overall, it received a 1.7 / 5-star rating from Trustpilot.

Some Facebook users have also noticed that they won’t give you your stuff in real life and when you request a refund, they will block you. However, some buyers have given good answers. Their Instagram page also has no reviews. This portal therefore retains more negative than positive comments on any social platform. Learn it to get your money back from credit card fraud.


This Lostloots review article gives us a thorough understanding of a website that offers puzzle boxes. In addition, we have observed that they do not provide revenue, transactions and returns for a specific item. In addition, he received mixed and more negative reviews on his Facebook page.

Therefore, given the most opposing views, we dismiss it as a suspicious door and one should be careful when buying here. Read here for fake PayPal passwords.

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